@GetTogetherComm Have you seen openSUSE's OSEM? It's our event manager. It's unlikely to be useful to you from a code perspective as it's Ruby, but in case it wasn't on your radar, I thought I'd point it out. It has some really nice features.

Here's the repo

@druonysus Yep, I even played with it a bit setting up #LASGNOME which uses it. It seems to be the most polished and functional FOSS option for conference-style events

@GetTogetherComm Oh awesome. It's really getting very feature rich and rather polished, but I really prefer the direction of GetTogether. Especially as part of the Fediverse.

@druonysus I don't see OSEM and GetTogether as competing, we serve very different use cases. We wouldn't be good for conference schedules, and OSEM isn't good for weekly meetups.

@GetTogetherComm I get that, but I definitely see an overlap in functionality. Honestly I would prefer one tool that allowed me to do both.

@druonysus @GetTogetherComm if osem added ActivityPub, then a team could subscribe to an osem event and publish it on GetTogether

@lufthans @GetTogetherComm I've been wanting to go to SeaGL for a couple years now, but have yet to make it happen. I would love to find out if they already have anyone doing an openSUSE booth there... if not, I'd love to do it. I just have to make sure that I budget for it... and I have not budgeted to go this year either. I should just start planning for next year.


@druonysus @GetTogetherComm I think there was an OpenSuSE booth last year, but i definitely do not have ECC memory :)

I might also just be thinking of all the OpenSuSE stuff at SCaLE.

SeaGL is great and I will continue trying to go every year.

The team organizing SeaGL really goes above and beyond.

One of the awesome things SeaGL is probably actually due to osem. I love the ~other talks at the same time~ links! I wish every conference had that.

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