#KDETip: Upload images directly to the web by clicking "Share" (or "Export") ➡️ "Imgur" from inside KDE's image-managing programs (Spectacle screen capture, Dolphin file manager, Gwenview image viewer, digiKam image manager...).💡


@kde oooh, it's also got a NextCloud option, gonna have to figure out how to configure that

@lufthans @kde
You need to configure your account in System Settings > Online Accounts

@lufthans @kde
You also need the latest versions of some KDE stuff, I did some important fixes for it recently

@nicofee @lufthans @kde

From memory you have to set it up using the "ownCloud" option as, last time I checked, an option for Nextcloud didn't exist. Hopefully that's been rectified though. (Does anyone still use ownCloud?...)

@Blort @nicofee @lufthans There is an option for Nextcloud. It is very easy to configure.

@Blort @kde @nicofee ah, you mean in the settings, I don't even see an option for 'online accounts'

that's OK for me, I usually isolate such access anyway

@Blort @kde @nicofee KDE on Debian 10 (buster) has NextCloud for sharing

It also has proprietary micro-blogging, but not Mastodon or Pleroma :(

@Blort Nextcloud support was only added in the version 20.04 of the Online Account. I guess you are running 19.12 shipped with Kubuntu 20.04. (yeah I know the version number are confusing).

I've never configured this myself, but I know there's an "Online Accounts"-section in the System Settings where integrate a Nextcloud account. So, that might also set that Share-functionality up.

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