COVID-19, politics 

@yourhero Bullshit. Don't preach your lies and misinformation to me, it won't work.

COVID-19 is just as serious in children as it is in adults.

The reason it hasn't spread through children as much is because of *effective* social distancing measures, face mask policies in schools, and because children are much, much, much easier to isolate from the general population than adults (you know, because children have nowhere they need to go except school)

COVID-19, politics 

@yourhero As far as COVID-19 vaccines go, that's what clinical trials are for.

I'm not willing to subject my children to clinical trials, but I'm grateful for parents that are. Those parents are making a bigger sacrifice and a bigger risk, and society at large owes them a bigger debt than we can possibly pay back.

As soon as vaccines for COVID-19 are authorized for general use, my kids will be receiving them immediately.

COVID-19, politics 

@yourhero Minor correction:

As soon as the COVID-19 vaccines are authorized for use in children, either generally or via the EUA, my children will be receiving it immediately.

Me and my wife received ours months ago as soon as it was possible to receive them.

What is the EUA? You know, the emergency use authorization. That thing that says that we are in desperate times and we don't have time for a 15-20 year standard vaccine trial.


COVID-19, politics 

@matt same for us, shots as soon as approved

Will be sending multiple masks to school to change out during the day because we don't know what the other kids have been licking :)

The science behind the vaccines has been under study since the 70s, so it's not really all that new

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