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If we have cable TV, like any of the package deals they sell in the U.S., we're paying for Fox Views. Whether we watch it or not!

Murdoch has replaced lost advertisers (TY boycotters!) with disproportionate fees on the cable providers.

unfoxmycablebox.com/ is one effort to combat that.


@JohnJClimateMarcher @ericireland @TonyStark not only do you pay for Fox even if you don't watch it, you likely pay more for it than other 24/7 news stations

So, are there any services in the US that carry most of the usual channels without paying the Murdoch tax?

I just checked Sling and now *both* Orange and Blue list Faux Spews

This article lists some providers:


While I generally don't watch TV the rest of the family does ...

@JohnJClimateMarcher @ericireland @TonyStark Looking at Sling without logging in it mentioned Faux Spews for both Orange and Blue, but after logging in Orange is Faux Free

It also doesn't have msnbc, which we do want

Peacock Premium has some, but apparently only after 24 hours and doesn't seem to have Rachel or Lawrence, so Premium is about pricing not service

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