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📺 I'm a former tech TV show host.
📹 I teach command line & user privacy for beginners & founded
🌐 I'm a geek traveler & have been to 21 different countries with
🏥 I'm a w/ an autoimmune disorder.

That's . What's yours?

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@onepict it looks like Staffordshire Police have apologise and said they would accept any location method; but another tweeter mentions a further incident with Sussex Police and it really does suggest call handlers are being put in the control room *without* any basic training on how to properly use GIS systems and online maps (even the proprietary systems)

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Hello, fediverse! We are Tenacity, one of the most prominent forks of Audacity for the time being.

I'm not sure what I'll do with this account yet, but you're more than free to follow it and find out for yourself. :)

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We're excited to share our brand new GNOME Developer website! The site includes helpful components, tools, docs, and tutorials along with a new version of our Human Interface Guidelines. Check it out:

#opensource #GNOME #documentation

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This is what a responsible administration does for the people who helped them ....

About 200 Afghan interpreters and family members arrive in U.S., in first wave of evacuations

The evacuees escaped the clutches of Taliban militants who have targeted interpreters, in some cases killing them as retribution for their work with U.S. troops on the front lines and as crucial workers for diplomats and humanitarian agencies.

Unlike the previous administration whom ...
'betrayed the Kurds' in Syria ... left them to be slaughtered.


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Every time I see one of these stories, I'm happier about my vote. #Biden46

Biden to return to pre-Obama water protections in first step for clean water regulations-

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We had a string of very good news for a while. Some sobering news was bound to come back. Now the challenge is to digest it and respond reasonably.

The vaccines still are effective, especially against serious disease, hospitalization and death. We have a vaccine that has a roughly 64-85% efficacy against Delta (depending on the study you look at). The main danger is to the unvaccinated.

Masking indoors is a reasonable action even if you're vaccinated right now if you're in an area where vaccination is low, Delta cases are high, and especially in crowded environments or if you're around compromised or unvaccinated populations.

There's still much more good news than bad news for those who've gotten themselves fully vaccinated.

If you want to be past masks and other potential, much worse consequences, the best way is still to get vaccinated. #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives

Plan Your Vaccine:

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Today (last Friday of July) is the System Administrator Appreciation Day. Don't forget your backups, and show your appreciation to your local #sysadmin :-) If you want to know more about DSA, the Debian System Administrator team, you can have a look at their webpage - Thanks DSA for taking care of the Debian infrastructure!

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Do you know anyone interested in getting paid to improve #diversity in a Free Software project? Boost appreciated!

@fedeproxy, a new Free Software project for #forge #federation published a request for proposal today. If you have some expertise on fostering diversity in Free Software communities, this is your chance to make a difference, at a very early stage. And maybe set a good example for the thousands of other Free Software projects in the same situation.

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@onepict They pulled this "but emergency services!" BS in Ireland when they introduced a mandatory new postcode system. The system is proprietary: you have to pay a private company to resolve more than a few postcodes. It's also a dangerous sort of PII, because postcodes are unique to each home - it was brought in without legal review. But: "Our emergency services now depend on it! You better use your Eircode if you want an ambulance!"

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A Republican president ruins the nation, the Democrats clean up the mess. I've lived long enough to recognize a pattern here...

Imagine how much better it would be without anti-vaxxers trying to tank it.

Fiscal stimulus, vaccines likely fueled U.S. economic growth in the second quarter |

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It's not an audit. An audit is a defined process that adheres to standards established either by a professional practice organization or by regulation. I'm glad, at least, that New York Magazine's Intelligencer added the word "circus."

This is a privately funded political exercise initiated by the Arizona Senate without meaningful oversight. There is an expression that describes it, the first part of which is cluster. Please employ a  phrase that includes the words partisan and cluster, but excludes audit.

The real story:

Trump’s political PAC raised about $75 million in the first half of this year, using his false claims that the election was stolen to motivate donors, but has given no money to finance the Arizona ballot review.

Trump uses his lie to make money from it. It's both a scam to cast doubt on future elections and a grift. #Fraudit

Why the Arizona Election-Audit Circus Just Won’t End:

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When it comes to heat, the human body is remarkably resilient it’s the humidity that makes it harder to cool down. And humidity, driven in part by climate change, is increasing

Deadly heat waves sweeping the globe are prompting doomsday questions: Will parts of the world soon become too hot to live in?

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

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@glitchwitch "cis women don't take hormones!"
Honey I've got bad news for you about hormonal birth control, spironolactone for acne and blood pressure, menopausal HRT

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The staff will hold office hours next week!

Sun Aug 1, 3pm PDT
Tues Aug 3, 5:30pm PDT
Sat Aug 7, 3pm PDT

Join us at for questions and live assistance with your proposals. Come ask us anything related to the CfP!

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After a big month of hard work, I'm happy to release today a new website for my webcomic Pepper&Carrot! It was a rewrite I made from scratch this time:

More infos and report on the blog-post:

anti-mask excuse of ~can't get people to actually wear masks, so will make mask mandates illegal~ is like saying you can't stop drunk drivers so might as well make it illegal to block glove compartment minibars and also point the drunk drivers at playgrounds

70 covid cases at a Tucson AZ school district that opened last week

over half the kids at elementary schools aren't old enough to vaccinate,

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If anyone has some programming contract work they need done, please let me know. I have experience with Rust, Python, C, Go, Java, and JavaScript, and I primarily do frontend work. I can create designs if needed.

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