The government in is making a tracking phone app mandatory by law. Among other features, it forces geographic tracking on at all times. Expect similar things in other members of the . A phone was never so necessary.

I ordered a from @Puri_sm over three years ago, but am still waiting. There aren't many alternatives, but reality is imposing itself. Hope the makes it on time.

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@luis_de_sousa Do you have a link to a copy of the law or a reputable analysis?

@luis_de_sousa It's a Covid tracking app? I could understand voluntary usage, but mandatory is problematic. Thank you!

@groff Yes, it is call Stay Away Covid. And yes, it is becoming mandatory.

@luis_de_sousa If I lived there I'd start carrying my phone in a Faraday cage.


Have you considered a Pinephone ? Thanks for the info about their upcoming law.

@luis_de_sousa the government is *considering* that, and will soon realize it.s unconstitutional (as well as impractical and inefficient).

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