@codeberg How is coming? Now that pulled the plug on open source projects, there is a nice opportunity to lure more projects to our side.

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@luis_de_sousa contributors wanted!

Also: would any of you like to run a funding campaign? Xmas is approaching ;)

@codeberg I understand at least one extension for Gitea already exists. What is required to get it going?

A funding campaign makes good sense if costs are involved in getting CI going.

@luis_de_sousa technically a number of CI/CD work with gitea and codeberg out of the box or via plugin:

Everybody can set up his own CI/CD runner today ...

@luis_de_sousa @ashimokawa @claudius the literal quote from the blog post: "recently we have encountered significant abuse of the intention of this offering. Abusers have been tying up our build queues and causing performance reductions for everyone"

@luis_de_sousa @ashimokawa @claudius fair distribution and assignment of resources is the hard part of the problem if we want to do this server-side.

(client side it works out of the box or with plugin today, see the other toot for link)

@ashimokawa @luis_de_sousa @codeberg Thanks for the link. I get that asking for more credits is more tedious than _not_ doing that. But I'd hardly call this "pulling the plug".

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