My First Week of Librem 5 Convergence

"I put away my personal Librem 13v1 and tested out whether I could replace it with a Librem 5"

#librem5 #convergence #freedom


This is awesome! @kyle do you think a mere mortal would manage with a simple(r) USB C dock?

@luis_de_sousa @purism We have a number of folks who use their Librem 5 with a simple USB-C dock and monitor/keyboard/mouse. If you work from a desk for the most part it would probably be the most convenient approach. I just do a lot of work from my couch so a laptop form-factor is more convenient for me.


@kyle @purism
Thanks. I would like to try connecting it to a beamer to watch videos and to a tablet form factor to read books. Should also work with keyboard/monitor, but I am spoiled with .

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