As a Native Hawaiian, this really saddens me to see a Hawaiian man arrested for speaking our native language in Hawaii. But I am not surprised; this is par for the colonized course.

@silverspookgames My aunt was telling me about this earlier today, she was almost in tears she was so angry about it. I wish there was more information out on how to help him, but currently i cannot find any

@lukac0la Thankfully, the judge has rescinded the warrant against the man who was arrested for speaking Hawaiian. Just learning about what's going on and the real history of oppression of the native Hawaiian people is helpful.

@silverspookgames oh thank god! im glad to learn that! It honestly horrible and surprising to find out how many people really do not know, my mother was completely unaware of what happened recently and the history. I know it isnt taught often in schools (or glossed over) where i live, so i had to research it myself to learn the actual history. It seriously needs to change.

@lukac0la Totally. I worked with homeless populations (many Native Hawaiian) including families with two working parents, working in tacky hotels, who were still homeless. They'd be living in cars or just in tents on the sidewalk and routinely have their posessions destroyed, sometimes hit with night sticks and told to "move on", basically because it was not good for the corporate tourism business to "see all you dirty homeless when people are sipping maitais and enjoying sunsets." It's ugly.


@silverspookgames I dont live in Hawaii, my aunt used to tho. I believe she grew up there. She saw that a lot growing up. Now that she has deemed me 'old enough' i hear those stories a lot. I am not quite sure what I want to go to college for, but her stories have inspired me to make sure whatever it is that i do, its something that helps others. Everyone deserves to be treated like a person, no matter what type of situation they are in, or what background they come from.

@lukac0la Exactly, everyone deserves dignity and respect. I myself am native Hawaii from Oahu and was both a teacher and social worker (yes, working two jobs) and my salary barely covered a 1 bedroom apartment for my wife and kids. We were homeless for some time, living out of our car. I had to move from Oahu just for our family to be able to survive. The same way you would buy ethically sourced food, coffee, etc., I hope people look at the businesses they support when vacationing as well.

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