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It's not difficult to tell crocodiles and alligators apart.
One will see you in a while whereas the other will see you later.

Lot of activities during the past weekend: Went to an escape room with friends, been swimming, played some boardgames with friends and also went to see a play at the theatre. Now back to work. How was your weekend, y'all?

@kyzh We had exactly that combination and we played almost entirely with special roles, no "plain villagers" among us.

Anybody here likes playing "the Werewolf" game? I played with friends today and it was great fun!

@wion What will happen to already federated toots and following lists on other instances? Do they eventually learn that the original no longer exists and remove whatever they've cached from their memory?

OH: "Drinks are €2. Craft beer is €3. That's a €1 hipster surcharge."

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Remember, you haven't actually had a healthy meal and been to the gym without posting it on Facebook.

I think Mastodon should know that pizza with pineapple was served at one of my friend's birthday party last night.

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primary motivation for using multiple social media networks & accounts is for a/b testing of jokes

@paulfree14 So essentially, as an example to clarify my understanding, while you're traveling you expect people to share their places, food etc. with you without any kind of payment or favor in return except that you'd do the same if someone asked you to share whatever you have (e.g. your homegrown food)?

@paulfree14 What do you use instead of money? Do you barter goods? Do you try to build/grow everything on your own?

@FluffyPira Hey, I came across your website and just wanted to say that I love the old-school design theme! Brings back memories of "good old computing days".

Just testing this Halcyon thing. This is really almost indistinguishable from the Twitter website.

@Meshelly At this point probably nobody would be surprised if this were for real.

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Trump shutting down Netflix to help bring back Blockbuster jobs.

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Remember Delicious, the social bookmarking service? Remember the massive exodus to new services that popped up, like Pinboard?

Yeah, well Pinboard (run by one guy) just announced they bought Delicious!

I just saw a picture of a warning sign saying "Beware the Monk Mafia" and thought it was a preview on the next episode of but it actually was a real life PSA warning against fake monks begging for money.