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Does anyone else watch the show "Once upon a time" ? I was told about it recently and started watching it and I really love it, it ticks a lot of boxes of what I like in speculative fiction, like parallel worlds and temporal phenomena.

Don't shame or judge people without putting yourself in their shoes.

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That moment when you work on a train and it enters a tunnel, thus breaking the WiFi connection, just as you hit "Deploy".

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@skirts it's not capitalism, it's normies. the internet becoming more useful to ordinary, average, non-technical people (which was largely done by capitalist entities trying to make money, and is probably on the whole good) also made it so that weirdo content was massively swamped by content of interest to normal people

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The EU is about to update #Article13 to force sites to use YouTube-style content filters on all uploads.

This is a terrible idea:

Some MEPS are already fighting back:

but they need as many allies as possible:

Please email/call your MEP as soon as you can (as in today!), tell them that these changes are dangerous to European freedom, business and culture.

List of MEPs & contacts:


I watched the finale right now! A well-rounded ending to a great show.

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The real benefit of GDPR is I get emails reminding me of all the sites I have to delete my account on.

Totally exhausted but (hopefully) finished all the -related changes in one of my client's web application.

I'm happy to see so many posts on Mastodon. This network is not only able to compete with Twitter when it comes to nerdy things but also pop culture commentary.

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I want to decorate my room in flags like an obnoxious "patriot" but with EU and UN flags

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believe me, this is true Show more

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Noooooooo! Why would anyone do this UI???

The train from Frankfurt to Paris is quite empty. I have four seats and a table all for myself.

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So Google Chat was also Google Talk which is now Hangouts (originally Google+ only), but now retargeted for "enterprise" use while Allo (& Duo) are for personal use but now "on pause" for developing a new Google Chat, which is RCS (but not versioning) but also known as Google Jibe which is basically SMS 3.0, & is in Android Messages (but not the old AOSP based Messages, which was discontinued, but a new one), which is the SMS client… which might be Google Chat?

I'm currently working on my talk for in Paris next week. The title is "To SDK or not to SDK?" and basically I look at how companies providing also provide for them.

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More remote-friendly #jobhunt tools: - an improvement to searching the monthly "Who is Hiring?" thread on HN. Yeah, it's HN, but a lot of listings from tiny companies end up there instead of elsewhere. - Yet another job aggregator specializing in aggregating remote jobs. Has a large number of postings with some basic filtering.

I believe that a lot of populist, extreme or radical views in the developed world comes from a perspective that takes huge, complex systems with trade-offs for completely granted when they work fine, and only looks at them based on their shortcomings.

Yesterday I learned that there's big events where people come together to watch cat videos! :coolcat:

And the very first cat video was recorded in 1894 by none other than Thomas Edison! 😲

Here's a copy of that 20 second film on YouTube:

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Work on one thing, feel guilty about not working on the other thing. Work on the other thing, feel guilty about not working on the first thing. Gah