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Using Blender feels like trying to eat jelly with one chopstick. You can do it, by not only is it not the best tool for the job it’s not even a complete tool.

Alright, _fine_ I guess I'll go find out why people seem to like VS Code so much...

@riking ooh, what position are you interviewing for

@filippio Not sure if you saw my message on birdsite but Behind The Sofa is bork:

Playing in Team League and I get put on a team with a Master Cho and Plat Gall. Well, this will be interesting...

Did some more work on Snowstorm - now there's a server which serves the latest revisions of the files out of Heroes of the Storm at

It's been interesting - I still need to reimplement the code which maps filenames to their content hashes in pure Go at some point, but it's a bit of a headscratcher since the only implementations are just HexRayed decompilations. *sigh*


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