hi there please feel free to check out my newsletter piece this week if you are sick of gwb and mccain being rehabilitated thanks lukeoneil.substack.com/p/god-w

There are people on here who unfollowed me on Twitter or who suspiciously never followed me and I always assumed it was because they thought I sucked.

[gets a bunch of new follows on twitter] Hell Yeah! I'm famous
[gets a bunch of new follows on mastodon] Ah I gotta click the followback button like 20 times or I'm An Asshole

getting dangerously close to trying to figure out what the fuck everyone is talking about regarding bofa so i better get out of here

Looking for college age or recent grad age young men who can talk about the experience of men body shaming each other for a story. trans voices welcome also. user name at gmail or dms

You know what was and is still a good song? "Still In Love Song" by The Stills. Thanks. youtube.com/watch?v=FVGjHwg9Qs

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Please boost if my new haircut and beard lineup is good do not own me please thank you

Sincere post mental health addiction 

Having a hard time dealing with a dear old friend who's refused to try to get sober for years and sometimes I want to wash my hands of it but i can't

some nice LTO on there. little spicy brown mustard. pickle . cut that baby in half sitting pretty now is what

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