Hello. I won't normally post my articles here but this one is about mastodon featuring and others thought you might like.

@lukeoneil47 "He also wanted to remove the commercialization that has plagued social media networks. There are no ads or brands vying for your attention in the space. As such, there’s no incentive for him or others to keep people addicted to the platform to maximize revenue, or to mess with the chronology to increase engagement" <---this, so much this. Very much this.

People can tell when they are being sold garbage v. an invitation from a real person to view works of love and passion.

@lukeoneil47 good article. I always like reading your stuff.

@lukeoneil47 this was really good, man. hard to address some of the technical differences without losing people but I think you pulled it off.


If Twitter was wise (they aren't),
Having an open-source clone would be a perfect way to take what works and integrate it with their own platform.

@lukeoneil47 you forgot to include big tiddy alf, but otherwise it was a great article!

@lukeoneil47 Great piece, thought you might want to see one of my own final straws: a holocaust historian getting perma'd by twitter for calling a neonazi a 'nutjob'. holocaustcontroversies.blogspo


Fwiw, while it's of course your choice to post your work here or not, I think some people would be happy to see it.

On Twitter I often followed media people because I felt like I had to, for fear of missing out on the larger Conversation. Here, at least so far, I'm following people because I'm interested in what they have to say.

So while I'm content to leave behind the Habermans and Yglesii, you're one of the good'uns

@lukeoneil47 hey anyway we can fix some of the glaring inaccuracies in your lovely article? Like the bit about not being able to "search for keywords" or about how you need to join each instance?

@lukeoneil47 Great article! (And love the animation. 😊) Small nitpick is that Mastodon usernames are typically denoted as @username@instance since the same username could exist across multiple instances. So you may want to do that for the folks whose Mastodon handles you mention.

Also others may have already pointed this out, but the title contains "the CEO of Mastodon" which is inaccurate since there isn't one. Not sure if you can still change it, but it shows up in the tab title and in search results.

@lukeoneil47 Pretty solid, for the most part. I assume the weird "CEO of Mastodon" thing in the title tag was an editor, not you, yeah?

@ink_slinger yeah i had nothing to do with that writers usually don't write headlines

@lukeoneil47 @Gargron hey, you should link instead of m.s is only a single instance in the sea of the federation.

@lukeoneil47 @gargron you interviewed the helldude, but didn't call him as such. talk about a missed opportunity :(

That was AWESOME!
Keep it up and never give up!

This article about @Gargron by @lukeoneil47 might explain why belongs here.

The superior design of images allowed in replies and removal of quoted tweets rapidly become obvious and appreciated.

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