On my way to my first ever media training session! It's for the event I'm helping at. I probably won't be interviewed by big media but preparations should be interesting anyway!

Going to upgrade my main modelling software from version 10 to version 11. Not entirely sure what v11 has new, but, to paraphrase Spın̈al Tap "it's 1 better".

Group meeting now — our group is essentially a collection of PhDs and post-docs with the same boss. We mostly work on similar topics. At these meetings one person will do an informal presentation on their recent work. Also: cake.

First tasks: Emails, get tea, check on overnight data download. How are we all today?

Haven't properly drawn in ages so just doodling to get into the groove. Kinda like how this gal came out tho:

Y'know, I'm sure *Twitter* would have already told me to get that cake. Mastodon clearly isn't a hotbed of enablers... I may have to rethink things...

Whew! That paper review took a lot longer that I expected! Question: do I now go get cake?

As a result of trying to explain rasterised datasets to my student yesterday, my office whiteboard now looks like a confusing game of minesweeper

Morning task is going to be peer-reviewing a paper.

When people submit a paper for a scientific journal, it then gets sent out (usually anonymously) by the editor to two or three of their "peers" in that field. They check its scientifically sound and generally decent. Very common to suggest revisions.

Because this is meant to be an anonymous process, I'm not going to share the details of this one online, even if I do only have a dozen followers here. 😜

No white coats for me (all my work is on a computer), so this is today's sciencing outfit. Batman = science right?

Anything people would like to hear about on tomorrow? I realise I didn't actually cover much "science" today!

I had fun times at Edinburgh League of Comics tonight! It's the monthly pub meetup for Edinburgh comikers. Totally recommend finding "real life" groups for creative endeavours 🙂

Thanks for following/tolerating/remaining blissfully unaware of my hashtag today. Time for me to go eat a burrito. 🌯

Pro-tip: When trying to send such a pretentious email, make sure to spell "Universiry" correctly 🤦‍♂️

I very rarely sign messages "Dr Luke Surl, University of Edinburgh" etc etc. because it sounds pretentious and a bit silly. But there's someone who hasn't been replying to my supervisee's emails so I'm pulling out all the pretentious stops... ⚛️⚗️ 🤓

Going to download 169GB of data from NASA overnight. This is why I need to work on the supercomputer!

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