In the map viewer it'll now only show a preview if you've been there. "E" at the top is the type of entity. "NIL", "", or "PLANET" right now. Empty string means you haven't yet visited. I was doing "UNKNOWN" but it was kind of wordy.

Set planet generation based on each cell in the grid, and also able to load them. Forcing one every time right now for testing.

Worked a bit on map/grid positions. Trying to decide how exactly to portray what's available in each location. Is it a secret, and then once you've been there display a mini-local map in each box? I think that's what I'm going to go with, and potentially have real/malicious distress signals be boosted as well.

Another thing to figure out: how often does a thing happen in a location--how "far" is an X or a Y jump? Need to think about it. Every location shouldn't have activity--space is..spacious

I used the existing ship location on the bottom for testing just to be lazy 🙂

Started working on a planet generator. Next up: random amount of moons (0-3?), potential for rings.

Finally completing the initial design. HUD in the ship is updated with changes to each. Ship displays differently depending on shield level. Scripting and a terminal command to control shield levels. Man page for shields command (very basic right now). Opposition viewer with default "nothing around" text.

Next: opposition viewer enhancements. A way to switch between a map view and the entity view (currently shown, with text if nothing of importance is around).

Fixed a few performance bugs today in rendering full lines of text, and also added support for a start-up script, which will be editable by users. Also step 1 in figuring out how I want the intro to work with user input

Added a basic screen manipulation library that, and a man command to view the manual for commands, and a manlib command to view the manual for libraries.

Added df as a command, and moved error logs from the console to the screen! Thinking you'll be able to dock with ships/other things and mount their directories

Added a basic ascii table library to use with moonscript scripts.

I had to get creative to allow imports from the virtual filesystem when using moonscript. I wrote a script pre-processor that replaces "use" statements with a function with the injected code, that then calls that function so the variable you use is setup with the result from the lib you're importing.

only a few commands partially implemented so far, but going well so far

Working on a 2d space game where you control everything via scripting through a terminal


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