@Gargron There's a big french tech site that just did a news post about Mastodon. Brace yourself : mastodon.social/@numerama/1498


@Alda @Gargron

Gargron: "mastodon.social is struggling with all those new users, I hope the subscribing craze slows do--"

@kodo A French tech site that just did an article on mastodon.

@luluberlu @Alda @Gargron instances.mastodon.xyz gives other instances, let's share the load

@luluberlu @Gargron @Alda Reminds me of when the Brazilian newspaper O Globo published an article about Fotolog. Overnight it changed from a fun fast photo sharing site to a clogged boring social network in a language the previous users didn't understand. It never recovered.

Oh well, at least this time I understand the newcomers' language.

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