Capitalism is "white only" that's why every POC is an antifa supersoldier and you don't have to read Marx because he was a capitalist (white)

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@lunch uhhh are we denying that capitalism is built on racism now? really?

@lunch you tell me, you're the one calling me and the OP "completely fucking stupid"

@melissasage the racism of capitalism is an extension of the power dynamics of the society it creates. The post implies in non-white societies capitalism is still somehow white-only. This ignores how capitalism forms and reproduces itself outside of America and Europe.

@lunch this post is in the context of a big discussion about colonialism and someone arguing that China is doing colonialism on Hong Kong, as opposed to HK capitalism being to the benefit of its British masters

@lunch this is context you could have gotten if you had continued to scroll the TL or replied to either of us instead of going off half cocked pretending like you're the only communist on this website

@lunch what the fuck are you on about? How does that follow from what I said?

@lunch capitalism was founded on european colonialism, by europeans, to benefit europeans. Today, the center of capitalism (US and Europe) is white, with a few exceptions like Japan, that were *granted* success by the center because of geopolitics -- only because it benefits the white center

Capitalism in the periphery of the system (i.e. LatAm, Africa, eastern europe) is not a replica of capitalism in the center: it merely upholds the power of the center

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