@melissasage the racism of capitalism is an extension of the power dynamics of the society it creates. The post implies in non-white societies capitalism is still somehow white-only. This ignores how capitalism forms and reproduces itself outside of America and Europe.

Capitalism is "white only" that's why every POC is an antifa supersoldier and you don't have to read Marx because he was a capitalist (white)

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Some of you all on here talking about wanting to kill people simply for being bosses or being rich. But may I suggest you read a book about a little man named scrooge. And see how he turned out in the end

@dankwraith thats right and only the immortal science of marxism-leninism will save you

Observing events in America and certain politicians and remembering that Stalin did nothing wrong, said nothing wrong, and you only hate him because of the CIA


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