I may pick this project back up if I ever find a use for it and open-source my private GitHub repo that it lives in.

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Really though, it was a C library disguised as a native Ruby gem.

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I went as far as to begin work on a Ruby gem in my own time which used stb_image to read the source file and use a constant header. However, I never got the images as small as the FB team (200 bytes).

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I love this engineering blog post by Facebook and always wanted to implement this while working at Realtor.com: engineering.fb.com/android/the

Though, I'll say that I use Ubuntu full-time and only boot into Windows for particular games that don't run on Linux.

So, maybe it really is the Year of the Linux Desktop -- as long as you have a bit of a technical background?

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Booted up my Ubuntu PC this morning, WiFi decided to completely stop working since last night. Turns out that I had to change a symlink in the /etc/ directory to point elsewhere. Obviously.

Year of the Linux Desktop, for sure.


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