Hey @emerican and @LunaNguyen! I'm planning to accept Luna's challenge and visit at the end of this semester (late May), to look into moving to Vietnam after a brief return to the US (I haven't been back in a couple years, so it's overdue) I'm looking for jobs a bit rarer and more specific than random English teaching since I'm a trained+experienced high school Math/Science/CS/Robotics teacher. If by any chance you know of anything in that area I could apply for, please let me know! :yell:

@luthwyhn @LunaNguyen I'd recommend you check out the (I hate to say this, but) Facebook groups for expats to look for cool jobs -- there are some interesting opportunities out there! You can check out Hanoi Massive for Hanoi or Expats and Locals in Ho Chi Minh City for the South. There are other groups for other towns as well :D And we'll keep an eye out!

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