I haven't been on toot site for a while and have no idea what's going on. Have a doggo guardian.

So I really hate the corporate Bird Site, but ever since the collapse of Bofa I have not been able to get any engagement at all here on Toot Site. Does anybody have any recommendations for me? Is there an instance I should be in tune with? Peoples I should be following or something?

You have been visited by the farm doggo most outstanding in his field. Boost this toot for many years of high quality rices.

When your Taiwanese students try to talk about you behind your back but have no idea that you minored in Chinese as an undergrad:

Me, teaching my pre-algebra students how to calculate compound interest:

When you are teaching 9th grade science, but you are also an incurable weeb:

Since apparently we're on Gundam now, allow me to share my favorite mobile suit: The MS-06MS, aka the Monkey Zaku. Why does it have arms instead of legs, you may be asking? Because it was designed to be piloted by Newtype chimpanzees who could simultaneously use 4 Gelgoog beam rifles, of course!

Not sure why, but YouTube's auto generate subtitles are often unintentionally hilarious on @LunaNguyen 's videos.

Just, uh... in case you ever needed to know the ordering of characters available in , here it is. I had such a need today, and therefore had to write a really unnecessarily complex bubble sort to sort a big, ugly string.

That feel when you're ready to stand up to the bosses with direct action and you're cute as fuck:

My reaction when my friends suggest I pull down my pants and expose my buttocks toward a statue of Jesus:

Sometimes the example sentences in my Chinese dictionary software are very Normal ™️

Me, when asked how much parmesan I want on my salad at Olive Garden:

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