Do developers in Europe who incorporate their startup companies in the USA (mostly Delaware for tax benefits) believe in the growth of their local economies, or are they mostly motivated by getting rich for themselves?

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Since Russia is banning Instagram I decided to re-open registrations. knows no borders, and welcomes everyone who abides by the rules!

Russia invading the Ukraine was a mistake and I think the long term economic cost will be worse for them than Russia has calculated it to be.
Also, the west sending weapons but not troops, and still buying oil from Russia, is pure hypocrisy and shows their willingness to let Russia take Ukraine into its sphere of influence. There's a special place in hell for Victoria Nuland.

We need to hire more Nurse Practioners instead of more Doctors. Nurse Practioners can cover almost all of the common diagnosis as Doctors, but cost half the salary. We don't need to privatize healthcare we need to stand up to the doctors lobby.

I certainly hope someone helps @Mastodon sue Trump for violating the terms of the GPL. Maybe some of the major GPL companies could help out since this is a pretty brazen violation and could set a bad precedent.

Colin Powell was a war criminal who caused millions of unnecessary deaths.

People saying that CN Rail is getting $1.4 Billion are wrong. gave 700 million when they broke up 's merger agreement. CP Rail got that money from KCS (paid by CN). KCS then broke the CN merger agreement and had to pay CN rail 700 million in break up fee, which CP rail covered. It's not CN Rail getting 1.4 billion, it's them getting 700 million back from CP rail.

This is the second major Canadian financial institution to offer commission free stock trading. Virtual Brokers, Questtrade, and Wealthsimple Trade are the only others, and each have their own flaws.

The geopolitical implications of CP Rail merging with KCS are massively underpriced as well. CP Rail will be taking a significant amount of debt ($29 billion) to acquire KCS, but having the only fully integrated Mexico Industrial Heartland to US to Canada industrial railway will eventually make CP Rail the defacto goods pipeline of North America. They'll be an integral part of industry deals across the continent. The stock becomes an industrial index in itself.

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If $KCS agrees to merge with CP Rail, CN Rail still has the right to counter bid CP Rail (which probably won't happen). In the end, CN rail will have paid $700 million to CP Rail, and $1 Billion to KCS in cancellation fees to delay a merger for 6 months. There's a lot of hubris to make that kind of bet when regulators were already rumbling about the deal being a bad idea.

The debates had a very aggressive format for questioning which didn't lead to more informative answers from the party leaders. A format that gives leaders more time to speak with less platitudes is what we should be aiming for.

I think Lark Suite is the most slept on productivity app as far as features go. It's more advanced than Notion or in holistic delivery. No roadmap or community forums though. :\

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Chile, September 11, 1973: The Horrors of ‘the First 9/11’ Are Routinely Overlooked…

The FiFine K669 is inexpensive and is decent quality. Worth the money. It's cheaper if you buy it off

Isn't it funny how all these variants are originating in countries without enough supply of vaccines? Almost like the developed world should start sharing vaccines instead of hoarding them...

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