“New account who dis?” Is my primary thought right now and I’m feeling a little lost and confused how to mastodon right now.

Soooo, if you know awesome people to follow in the gaming industry, history needs, authors/book lovers or just the broader geek circle, please show me the way <3

okay, my notifications are starting to get insane xD thanks everyone for the tips, links and just general awesomeness :)

Same. Don't know what else is out there but I joined the instance. Seems good so far. Good luck.

@maloki thanks for the links :) will have a closer look at both once I’m home ;)

Hi! Welcome to the fediverse! @matt is a good follow to meet authors & readers. :)

@frankiesaxx @matt thanks :) instant follow and will have a closer look at matt’s network ;)

@matt boosts a lot so you'll meet people from his server. :)
oh @aldersprig is a good follow too! And @MicroSFF is lots of fun. Also @WritingPrompts is a good bot :)

@lvl39nerd I'm an extremely minor #scifi author, and if you go to my profile and check out the people I follow you'll probably find a few dozen people you'll enjoy following as well.

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