Maintaining bits of code that scrape websites for information is a stupid idea that I never should have acted on. Had to rewrite one library today, only to find another had pushed changes to live just as I was testing the aggregated script.

It is worth me trying to learn in 2019, or would I be fine focusing on things like Spring/Microprofile et al?

I think the Overwatch League needs to specify minimum domestic player numbers for teams to counteract the disproportionate number of excellent Korean players.

Managed to get a Gentoo install done with systemd and LUKS, so I'm happy with myself for the day.

tired: UNIX epoch
wired: GameCube epoch (began 2000/1/1, ends 2099/12/31)

I'd rather LGD win the whole thing, but as long as OG don't I'll be happy.

xNova using Freezing Field after four members of OG had been killed is some good bad manners.

Running around screaming on the back of that Lesh pick.

I kind of want to write a Mastodon client/some bots because the API limits aren't terrible.

The domain is available so just going to register my fan club page now!

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