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Here is `instaget`, because blocks your tap action such that you cannot just save/share an image.

curl "$1" | grep jpg | grep meta | sed -e 's#.*tent="##' -e 's#".*##' 2>/dev/null

Just use a URL (e.g., from Instagram) as the argument and it will extract the URL of the image from the meta tag. 🎉👩🏻‍💻

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#FollowFriday, time to share some accounts I follow:

- @sengi_app a desktop application developed by @NicolasConstant (that works also for #Pixelfed)

- @mondstern a pixelfed account publishing painted logos by @mondstern

- @codeberg for hosting your projects.

- @mmarif the developer of GitNex (f-droid.org/en/packages/org.mi) that works with #codeberg

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Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics,
Saint Petersburg, Russia,
built between 1973-1986.
Architect: S. Savin, B. Artiushin.

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Our Injustice World:

-RMS: Forced to resign from his OWN organization and now seeking home. (after 33 years)
-Julian Assange: In semi-prison for 7 years , now hes in real jail.
-Edward Snowden: In Exile for the rest of his life

Infinity list goes on..

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2.0.0 is available on f-droid now. Time to update. 🎉

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[EN] Hi there,

I set up the new domain http://switching.software which currently redirects to the web-archived version of #switchingsocial.

More to come :-)
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It's very early days, and I have a lot of design work to do, but #Readlebee is on its way to becoming a reality!

If you'd like to #contribute to making this #Goodreads alternative as good as possible, check out the project on GitLab. Ideas and designs will help just as much as code:


If you have questions or want to discuss the project or contribute, check out the Gitter link, which lets you log in with a GitHub, GitLab, or Twitter account:


📖🐝 #openSource

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I've started integrating the new Anti-Features icons into #FDroid. Here's an early preview. Turned out even better than I dared to hope. Thanks @redplanet for designing the icons.

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Check it out! More than 200 KDE apps all in one place:


Which ones do you use?


Also: Read the "Making of" the most complete KDE app catalogue available at:


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OnionShare 2.1 is released! This version is translated into 23 languages, and allows you to schedule the server starting at some point in the future so you can use it as a "dead man's switch". Check it out onionshare.org

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