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/laɪˈkeɪɒn/ 🦑 @lycaon

anyway ive had @lycaon for a while now go there for uh. spooky toots.

@Rockmeannadeus it's basically like email. my username is @lycaon. anyone can start an instance, just like anyone can start an email server, so i also have @lycaon, just like i have lycaonsgames@gmail.com but i could also have lycaonsgames@lycaon.me or whatever. it gets a little more complicated because posts on mastodon are meant to propagate to all your followers rather than just being end to end but that's the basic idea.

OUT NOW: Secret Spaces Update v0.4.0-alpha: "Water, Light, and Seeds!"
The Tower shifts, and the world around you grows... What could be in store for this week?
* Real proper menus are a thing now!
* Share seeds with your friends so you can show them your adventure into the Infinite Tower!
* Lighting is less god-awful!
* The world itself is larger!
* Even more stuff!

hthr.itch.io/secret-spaces mastodon.social/media/X3G8m_gN

NEXT UP: Birthplace of Ossian twitch.tv/lycaonsgames connor-sherlock.itch.io/ossian

gonna play some ultimate chicken horse, then some itch.io games, then some tabletop sim with @MegalLobsterFace over at twitch.tv/lycaonsgames! mastodon.social/media/v5wwloyL

THAT BEING SAID: I personally think that allowing users to curate their own instance-level blocks would be preferable. Telling people 'make your own instance if you don't like it' is untenable.

@oceangrunge oh my god is someone doing that

i can't say i'm surprised but fucking lmao

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@Jessiscah toots only federate to an instance if someone from that instance is following the person who made the toot. so people made follow bots to populate their small instances public timelines.

it's dumb and creepy.

@typhlosion @PsySal REAL gamedevs use a magnetized needle and a steady hand