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I love dat OpenGL I aint gonna lie I'm sure I could make shit faster in Unity but ... I love dat OpenGL

@PsySal this is the first positive thing ive ever heard anyone say about opengl

@PsySal @lycaon it's tough to use but the amount of control it gives you once you figure it out makes you feel like an ultra hacker

@typhlosion @PsySal ive tried to use it before but i couldn't even get a triangle to appear on the screen because i kept getting linker errors

@PsySal @lycaon aw, linker errors suck :(

I guess I have it easier because I don't use it in C (I use Rust, with the glium library)

@typhlosion @PsySal yeah i've only done it with c++, which i already hate a whole bunch. i didn't know there were rust opengl bindings, though i guess that makes sense.

tbh if i were going to learn opengl it'd be with C++ because i'd only ever do it to get a job as a graphics programmer or something. I'm super happy with unity and i don't feel like i particularly need more freedom.

@PsySal @lycaon oh by all means keep using unity! do whatever works for you. :D there's no (or ought to be no) stigma attached to making games with whatever tools you feel most comfortable with

@typhlosion @PsySal i'm really glad that i see way fewer people stamping their feet and insisting that the only real gamedevs are the ones who make everything from scratch with opengl and C++, though that may just be my changing circle of people i pay attention to.

@PsySal @lycaon REAL gamedevs make games in pure x86 ASM and do sprite art using a hex editor

/laɪˈkeɪɒn/ 🦑 @lycaon

@typhlosion @PsySal REAL gamedevs use a magnetized needle and a steady hand

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@lycaon @typhlosion haha this thread made me happy :) Yeah I like OpenGL but it's like, I'd never recommend anyone else use it, if that makes sense. :) I sorta see it as just what I do, like how if I used gamemaker and didn't want to switch to Unity. Same kinda thing!