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/laɪˈkeɪɒn/ 🦑 @lycaon

@typhlosion @PsySal i'm really glad that i see way fewer people stamping their feet and insisting that the only real gamedevs are the ones who make everything from scratch with opengl and C++, though that may just be my changing circle of people i pay attention to.

@typhlosion @PsySal yeah i've only done it with c++, which i already hate a whole bunch. i didn't know there were rust opengl bindings, though i guess that makes sense.

tbh if i were going to learn opengl it'd be with C++ because i'd only ever do it to get a job as a graphics programmer or something. I'm super happy with unity and i don't feel like i particularly need more freedom.

@typhlosion @PsySal ive tried to use it before but i couldn't even get a triangle to appear on the screen because i kept getting linker errors

@PsySal this is the first positive thing ive ever heard anyone say about opengl

hey masto - if you've got a short (<30 minutes) game on itch.io, send me a link! i'm looking for stuff to play on my weekly twitch stream (doing one tonight at 8EST) twitch.tv/lycaonsgames

i finally made a masto bot it's @instance_names it's exactly what it sounds like. robots taking your jokes

made new models for the shotgun + machinegun, also remodeled the mushrooms so they use fewer tris [photosensitivity warning] lycaon.itch.io/nullpointer icosahedron.website/media/Jw2R

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@oceangrunge yeah but it's being put to extremely good use

@MaxKriegerVG good eats is the greatest television show ever created

@dog the year is 20XX, fursonas are mandatory

birdsite mentions going nuts again bc alex holowka rt'd a gif of my game which is cool!! but also!! aaaaaaa so many people! :open_mouth: :sweat_smile:

@jeffgerstmann @oceangrunge i actually don't know much of anything about garfield apart from ED'S DONG REPAIR and that one strip where jon drinks dog cum (but we've already had that discussion)

@oceangrunge @jeffgerstmann ok fair point you can have garfield.expert

i want butt.dentist tho

#introductions i guess there's a lot of new people so i should do this

hi, i'm emma. also @lycaon, but mastodon.social is not in the best shape right now. i make video games.

helscome my wedsite (its not done): lycaon.me/

play my games: lycaon.itch.io/

give me money: patreon.com/LycaonTalks