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/laɪˈkeɪɒn/ 🦑 @lycaon@mastodon.social

hey masto - if you've got a short (<30 minutes) game on itch.io, send me a link! i'm looking for stuff to play on my weekly twitch stream (doing one tonight at 8EST) twitch.tv/lycaonsgames

i finally made a masto bot it's @instance_names it's exactly what it sounds like. robots taking your jokes

made new models for the shotgun + machinegun, also remodeled the mushrooms so they use fewer tris [photosensitivity warning] lycaon.itch.io/nullpointer icosahedron.website/media/Jw2R

birdsite mentions going nuts again bc alex holowka rt'd a gif of my game which is cool!! but also!! aaaaaaa so many people! :open_mouth: :sweat_smile:

#introductions i guess there's a lot of new people so i should do this

hi, i'm emma. also @lycaon, but mastodon.social is not in the best shape right now. i make video games.

helscome my wedsite (its not done): lycaon.me/

play my games: lycaon.itch.io/

give me money: patreon.com/LycaonTalks

The year is 2017. The door to Mastodon has been sealed. Those inside toot for survival.

So, it must be time for the wannabe server admins to come out with "suggestions".

Remember, this is funded via Patreon, so maybe wanna chip some money and/or actually help out versus armchair quarterbackin?

Cuz, I'd expect "experts" woulda already read the documentation on this Open Source project. Jus' sayin'

btw @lycaon is also me. figured i should spread out my and a bit

gamers are so insecure that their empty games about shooting dudes have to have some kind of story so it can feel like a legitimate way to spend their time, and their narrative games have to have bits where you shoot dudes so as to not seem *so* legitimate that they'll have to start asking questions of them like one would with, iunno, art

releasing my pasta sauce recipe under the MIT license so it can be Free And Open Sauce

OUT NOW: Secret Spaces v0.3.0-alpha: The Surf's Up-Date! Ride bloomseeds! Discover new secrets! Fall down a hole and die!
hthr.itch.io/secret-spaces mastodon.social/media/bRL1q3KZ

these represent like 30 minutes of manually stretching little triangle uvs to fit on the triangle texture while singing along to car seat headrest and sounding like a crazy person

come watch me play ultimate chicken horse and some random itchio games with @megalobsterface and @Efi! twitch.tv/lycaonsgames mastodon.social/media/hUn6Sl7y

quick demo of recent changes/additions to nullpointer - new gun, new color palette (still unsure about it), new level gen type, spikes! mastodon.social/media/32jAOMpy

i went to download amaroq and one of the related apps i saw was peach and holy shit remember peach?? that was like five seconds of being relevant before being totally forgotten because it sucked