LAST DAY TO SUBMIT: Rhizome is hosting a micro-edition of the Internet Yami-Ichi, an internet-themed marketplace, @ NADA New York, March 8–11, 2018. If you make any "internet-themed" goods (pins/pens/prints/clocks/books/clothes/nail art/anything!) consider applying for Rhizome to stock them:

Animal Crossing will come to Switch eventually, it's just a bit particular. We need to craft the right polka-dot chaise lounge, wide-screen TV, and harpsichord first.

@caraellison this closed a while ago, I just haven't used mastodon lately, sorry! will be a new round for 2018.

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Decided to try a spin class at Flywheel on the principle of "don't knock it till you've tried it." I would never pay $35, but it was a good one-off dystopian space fitness LARP.

The part where I burned the most calories was violently shaking my head "no no no no no" when the instructor yelled "YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH ED SHEERAN REMIXES!"

Things the car across the street has blasted as I try to rest: the Hogwarts theme, Massive Attack's "Mezzanine"

Accidentally ate dinner at the Cristiano Ronaldo museum restaurant, so that's one to check off the bucket list I guess?

Deeply disappointed that the boat did not actually sail around the stage.

Tor's free book this month is "Vernor Vinge’s Hugo Award-winning seminal space opera, A Fire Upon The Deep," aka that one book with space puppies.

It probably won't be the most progressive or genre-bending sci-fi you ever read, but I enjoyed the playful what-ifs explored in Vinge's straightforward narrative style. It's a book that respects ideas above shock or surprise.

I injured myself going down a slide; how is your day going?

while packing, found a pair of underwear full of quarters

really need quarters so not asking questions

Looking for music suggestions for cleaning/packing. This was my top listens 2016 playlist, if you wanna use it for reference (or just listen):

Just cleaned out freezer. Found borscht of indeterminate age, plus a flashlight?

For me the hardest part of making a Mastodon bot was figuring out the OAuth dance to get my access token.

Twitter offers a UI that does this for you, so I made one for Mastodon! It works on any instance, but it does require you to run a `curl` command (that it generates for you) at the very end. Hope you find it useful!

Feeling bitter this morning about the fact that El Cafecito in Bushwick has been succeeded by a "Crepe & Vape" (yes) joint.

@ragzouken @envgen I mean, okay, I did just now, I just listened to it now. But apart from that.

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watching footage of mid-century chocolate making. beware the bad, bad metaphors

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