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It is utterly insane that wearing masks to reduce the spread of a very deadly and highly communicable respiratory disease is even the slightest bit controversial.

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Fixed the RISC PC Econet card. Swapped a 74HCT123 for a 74LS123. Looks like Acorn made a howler back in 1995.
Now I have Advanced Level 4 Fileserver 2.12 Demo (and Level 4 1.33 as a fallback) and InterTalk running on the RPC, and the A4000 can send and receive email :D

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I think a lot of us who have tried to stay strong and keep going are hitting walls right now. I know I am. twitter.com/RianSygh/status/12

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I can't say I'm impressed with the 2005-era Sony MPF920 Z/131 drive. Loses bits like coins down the back of the sofa.
1: MPF920Z/131 (APR2005 datecode)
2: MPF920E/131 (9908 datecode)

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with the permission of alan mackey himself, i'd like to present to y'all the linux fox herself: Xenia!

(info thread to follow, happy !!)

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Marvellous! Prestel pages from a cassette tape recorded four decades ago, reconstituted and now presented as a window on what arguably was the forerunner of the internet. They were heady days indeed twitter.com/johnnewcombeuk/sta

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If you ever wondered what the 26-pin Econet card I/O connector in the Acorn A4 is... I've identified it. It's a Hirose DF11. Part numbers are --
Contacts - DF11-2428SCA
Housing - DF11-26DS-2C
R/A PCB header - DF11-26DP-2DS(52)

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@mjg59@twitter.com Being a maintainer improved my career and I'm also reluctant to do it anyways.

We have a broken story for sustainable OSS, exacerbated by Linus-types creating a horrible culture. We should be pushing for fundemental change, but too many people who have benefited choose to uphold

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Reddit is still full of people whose opinion of me is entirely formed by Linus swearing at me, so yeah. twitter.com/TheRegister/status

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Found two, both in stock at Mouser!

Pulse J0018D21ENL -- with LEDs
Pulse J0018D21NL -- without LEDs

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Difference 30 years brings.

1990: Atari STE 512kb computer
2020: PC with 32gb ram.

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๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ 30% refund on scrap... (the EPROM programmer fails them as open-circuit)

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Does anyone know of a suitable integrated-magnetics RJ45 MagJack for the @cirruslogic@twitter.com CS8900A 5V Ethernet interface?
I'm trying to find one, but the sticking point is the 1CT:1.414 turns ratio on the transmit transformer.

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I turn off the lights.

These bulbs are old, not the newer LEDs. There is a lingering glow as the hot tungsten filaments gradually cool.

I watch them as the room slowly goes dark.

A lingering glow... and then nothing.

I am exhausted, but I canโ€™t sleep.

A monster awaits. 1/

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Not to be 'that guy' but the world needs to wake the fuck up about the fact that almost EVERY viral pandemic in the last DECADE has arisen as a direct result of our shitty industrial farming practices for the meat industry.

Wake the fuck up sleepy heads


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Check out this absolutely beautiful snow leopard and lynx I just received from @CorrinsArt@twitter.com! :D

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Learned a very relatable term today: โ€œๅ ฑๅพฉๆ€ง็†ฌๅคœโ€ (revenge bedtime procrastination), a phenomenon in which people who donโ€™t have much control over their daytime life refuse to sleep early in order to regain some sense of freedom during late night hours.

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