Got a RasPi running Pi-Star. Just flashed in the latest STM32 firmware and it's running a DAPNET POCSAG hotspot. Got a PoE inserter arriving tomorrow, then it'll be going on the shelf with an Ethernet cable in tow.

My hand crafted portable radio stand, made out of wooden floor scraps, for my Tecsun PL-880 #sw #swling #radio #hamradio #craft

Tonight's project, a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with HAT running from a 13.8V radio power supply.

Does anyone know of a way to load ADS models into RFSim99?
Failing that is there a similar filter/matching design tool which can load ADS models?
I want to use an NXP RF transistor in a UHF PA, but they only provide ADS models, not Touchstone/s2p files.
Sadly ADS is a bit out of my price range!

Just spent twenty minutes trying to figure out why the server wouldn't boot after I moved the main boot drive onto an SSD.
Turns out I had the boot device order wrong in the BIOS. Oops.

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Abuse, callouts, amends, personal philosophy Show more

All done! And working to spec, if not better -- about -120dBm for 12dB SINAD.👍

@m0ofx Finished the chassis work. Both radios look pretty much stock now. Last job is to tune up the repaired one (note the jig cable). Other than that, all done!

@m0ofx Shield is on, jig cable is plugged in, and we've got 4.3W power output. Considering the PA isn't aligned yet, I'll take that as a nice starting point!

@m0ofx Shield is on, jig cable is plugged in, and we've got 4.3W power output. Considering the PA isn't aligned yet, I'll take that as a nice starting point!

@m0ofx The new PA is in. Next the shield needs to go back on, then it's time to power up and check there's amplification happening.

@m0ofx Well that's the PA module off. The dried out thermal compound might be a bit of a clue.

Well the Icom parts are here - time to fix the IC-F610!
I need to be careful though, my Yaesu might get jealous...

The fix on the HF antenna seems to have held. I've cut out a few metres of feedline and moved the balun up onto the dipole centre. Had a go with the "new" FT8 mode on WSJTX last night, QSO got as far as Lebanon on my first try. Decent result, I reckon.

Plan for tonight -- if the Icom parts have arrived, I'll be fixing the IC-F610 with the busted PA module (and maybe tearing down the PA module on livestream).

I resent that my computer, the most complex and powerful machine I'll likely ever use, is turned on by some pissant little five-cent plastic button like it's a shitty VCR from the 90's. I want a massive ornate copper knife switch, as long as my forearm, with the lower position hand-lettered "HALT" and the engaged position labelled "COMPUTE." When I go to use my computer, I want it to know I MEAN it.

I mean, I could buy an X240, but the Fn-lock and Ins/End cockuppery on the keyboard put me off.
Also my X220 only needs midplane plastics, a new screen and some JB Weld on the top lid. That's about £50 in parts vs £250 for a new machine.

The life of a Thinkpad owner: scouring ebay for parts to repair your X220 because you find the keyboard nicer than the X230/X240...

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