My drawing still isn't very good but Its good enough that I can start to ask the big important questions.

So what would a giant mechanical spider on its way to invade a city look like?

Animating Eadweard Muybridge Elephant images to learn about walk cycle of four legged animals in Krita

Doing a Photogrammetry, listening to Biff Naked

Giving Trello another try for my to-do lists and work in progress.

Trying to do one of those things thats obvious to me what to do but not obvious how i explain it to the computer.

Except I appearf to have losgt a load of work in Fusion and now im upset and annoyed.
IK hate these stupid Cloud syncing apps, that don't. Just want everthing on my own hard drive where I can look after it myself.

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A bit of late night blender. Modelled my phone in 2.8. to learn the interface and work on using the Nodes for materials. Not finished but worth a render

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