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Big benefit of looking the way I do is if Richard Spencer ever comes to Norway he'll never see it coming when I punch his racist face into orbit.

in related news I have learned it is better to possibly live in constant fear I might shit myself to death than to ever stop eating indian food

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I've learned how to make really good butter chicken at home and I'm really struggling to stop eating anything but butter chicken every day

Got some new carbide inserts for the lathe and doing the feeds and speeds calculations for carbon steel the RPM it wants is 420. I'm immensely childish. Oh, and also really really high.

snowing here now and I am firmly in the camp of fuck this shit right to hell

getting drunk and spending all my money on lathe tooling on ebay

priest: the father
me: [whispering to my wife] he means god
priest: the son
me: thats jesus
priest: and the holy ghost
me: slimer

Hellsite pseudointellectual misogyny 

The mental gymnastics these assholes will go through to justify being a shit human because someone who's not criminally emotionally abusive will only criticize them in private 🙄

Begging for acquiescence to centrist policy is like thanking the Joker for putting out the fuse on the bomb he keeps lighting.

Probably took me until I was like 29 to realize that when I was cooking from a recipe it's OK to not treat them like instructions on how to disarm a bomb and that it's OK to make variations based on personal taste and not be so anal about getting everything exactly to the letter.

These sheltered white soccermoms are gonna get me banned from twitter I swear to god I hate them so much

I'm sorry you're an adult who thinks you shouldn't have to hear a single harsh word in opposition of your established political view because of your gender or tender disposition, but seriously go fuck yourself.

Damn arguing with white women on twitter gets you suspended pretty fast

I'm done scusing myself for who I am and I apologize to my many followers but it turns out out I am an abrasive fucking metalworker

Got blocked by a british basic bitch on twitter for comparing Kamala Harris to Tony Blair. Guess dumb bastards of all nations prefer looking at the shit they spout when cameras are on instead of looking at shit like voting records ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Booker/Harris/american politique 

Fuck Booker and fuck Harris too. No fucking wonder Reagan got elected.

I just want to say very explicitly that I hope graham lineham dies a very slow and painful death

Having a stomach virus on a friday is great because it makes the weekend like a little competition with yourself of trying your very best not to shit yourself to death

The only upside to having to work double shifts in a day is I get to spend a full thursday getting stoned and daydrunk eating chili nuts and watch 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown reruns

Happy Labor Day Eve. Don’t forget to leave cookies and milk out for Karl Marx tonight

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