I'm totally frazzled that I cannot seem to get my custom domain to work with gitlab pages. I've tried both the CNAME and A records and no luck. Maybe I'm just not giving it enough time? Does it really take 2 days?

So hard to do weekend work stuff today. The hypocrisy that you can get it all done in an 8 hour day really drains me of any ambition.

Still tons not implemented in the parser but it's getting there.

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Good thing I also saved a few things from my old distro outside of this archive because I can't seem to extract anything...

Now to update my VS code extension and start creating some test files for my newly minted ANTLR parser.

The madness doesn't end there. I wasn't satisfied with an abbreviation that is just a shortened word. Q V and R needed to mean something. Quarrel was easy and R could be Resource but what was V gonna mean? Somehow I landed on the idea "Variadic", it's a neologism for infinite arity, traditionally reserved for functions, but why not Variadic Resources?! ABBREVIATION LOCATED!

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I spend an inordinate amount of time coming up with names that will probably intrigue no one but myself. Wanted a good file extension for Quarrel files but .q and .ql are taken. Started by just looking through other language extensions with no inspiration. Finally thought about what a Quarrel is: a crossbow bolt. Where are crossbow bolts held? In quivers! .qvr was born!

So great hearing AG Cook render one of my favorite Blur tracks in their lo-fi glitch pop fashion. youtu.be/R1ComM4Oz9Q

After playing with MS Power suite, I've got the urge to find some way to support spaces in variable names, thinking this could be as simple as single quotes since I don't feel the need to offer two string delimiters (gotta use up every little symbol I can).

Syntax across languages is such an important work, though I've seen Wikipedia starting to grow in this area. rigaux.org/language-study/synt

Ok: ANTLR workspace workspaced; initial commit committed

Why doesn't vscode have a default launch profile? I just want to run a specific shell invocation on save.

What a great way to wake up! my SO made cinnamon rolls and apple strudel.

you know it's time for sleep when the amount of yawns begins to exceed normal breathes...who am i kidding, when have I ever followed that rule? I like to wait until anti-tears are pooring out of my arid eyeballs.

Well I'm off to close my eyes and release several dancing z's into the night air. ๐Ÿ˜ด

I just realized i've talked about this language/compiler on here 3 years ago! Things were in such flux back then. I used to wonder if I'd ever be happy with the syntax.

Wow, the VS Code ANTLR extension is incredibly well done. I am really looking forward to writing Quarrel's parser rules now.

Ok finally got some time. Now I think I'll start by first creating an ANTLR workspace that will allow me to quickly prototype rather than try to tweak the already entangled parser in the simplelanguage repo

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