"Ursula K. Penguin" would be an okay name for a Linux distro

I'm a tad nervous about the interface and knobs but I couldn't pass up a volca-size synth with program change support!

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Well, I couldn't stop myself, I bought a Modal Craftsynth 2.0

I am really excited for the other new Boss 200 series pedals (just sad that the OD pedal is monaural). They all look feature-packed and compact. I just need to see the MIDI implementation before I buy. If they don't have program change support, I'm no longer interested!

Well even though I had to replace in SoundCloud due to free tier, as long as the name matches, it looks like it honors old links.

Ugh, my final render is way too loud. Re-rendering with a lower average volume.

I really like how the percussion turned out coupled with the almost lounge-sounding synth chords. Check it out here on bandcamp zadoq.bandcamp.com/track/deck-

Another track done on the . A production recorded to my trusty Tascam DR-05. A little post-processing with some VSTs in Tracktion (no idea what I am doing here lol).

Boss really missed an opportunity with their new OD-200. It could've competed with the Elektron Analog Heat but instead they left it monaural...

Well my team was let go yesterday. Except for me and a couple remote workers. So now with my supervisor gone, I'm in charge and I have a quarter of the staff ๐Ÿ˜ต

Got another track started last night, got roped into watching Swiss Army Man so I'll have to finish tonight. (so glad I watched the movie though! Unbelievably good!)

New track using the Toraiz Squid (been two weeks, already getting really comfortable with it!) zadoq.bandcamp.com/track/echo-

MIDI Program Change messages were the missing link that is making me truly enjoy live jamming. The MIDI notes are half of what makes a great melody/rhythm, the evolving sound textures that I can get with CC automation and arp-based presets has taken my live pieces to new heights.

Can't decide between a used Mopho Desktop, a like-new IK Uno or a pre-release Modal Craft Synth 2.0. They all support program changes and they're all budget, mono synths.

Now I'm going through all my live gear and gutting anything that doesn't have program change support.

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