Hi folks, I'm moving to another instance.

mastodon.social was a very nice place to learn about mastodon and I really enjoyed it. After deciding to stay with mastodon I now found another instance which more suits to my interests.

If you want you can now follow me at @maddin

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Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

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Great interview with Eugen Rochko @Gargron - founder and lead developer of the Mastodon social network software we use at #OERu. I encourage #LiDA102 learners to listen and consider how these themes relate to digital citizenship: softwaredaily.com/post/5acf3c9

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Mit "Dingenskirchen" hat Hennes Bender den Asterix-Klassiker "Die Trabantenstadt" ins Ruhrdeutsche übersetzt. Warum das Ruhrgebiet ebenso besetzt sei wie das alte Gallien, erzählt der Comedian im Interview. www1.wdr.de/kultur/buecher/ast… #WDR3 #Mosaik #HennesBender #AsterixundObelix #Asterix #Ruhrpott #NRW
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*Widely-watched Dutch comedian says 'Bye Bye Facebook'*

"… Arjen Lubach, whose widely-watched satirical television show “Sunday with Lubach” has more than 400,000 followers on the social media site, said the programme would delete its Facebook account on Wednesday, joining a string of high-profile entertainers and tech executives who have urged users to do the same. …"


(topic via @joop )

#byebyefacebook #facebook #deletefacebook

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my favourite show is "Alap - indiai klasszikus zene". Each Sunday at 11am CET.


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Tilos Rádió, a community, non-profit, listener supported radio station in Budapest. They have live streams in several formats. Old programs can be downloaded from the large archive.


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Facebook you can fall apart
Twitter, Reddit break my heart
Oh, Tumblr doesn't even start
It's Masto, I'm in love

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Superknolle #Ingwer: Nicht kaufen, sondern ganz einfach selbst vermehren

Ingwer ist gesund und vielfältig einsetzbar. Statt aber immer wieder neue Knollen teuer zu kaufen, kannst du sie auch leicht selber anbauen und versorgen.




Bach - Matthäus-Passion heute Abend in Dortmund mit Orchestra und Choir of The Age of Enlightenment. Super 👍

Lorenzo, checking the news on his ipad. Found in yesterday 😀

I could validate today that the vulnerability in function 'webservice' has been fixed in version 5.4.5

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