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Living deliciously means exclusively wearing Hawaiian shirts

U know what. bring back all 80s fashion 2k19

This is a pro-kids enjoying fortnite, anti-Epic Games account

Unfunny comedians pull out jokes from a 12 year old on ifunny and call their act ‘uncensored’

Spotify: you can now skip ads-
Me: [Already slamming the skip button]

It’s nearly valentines so remember to give ur local cryptids a smooch

Part of me that likes Religious imagery vs gay/trans part of me- fight

Nothing will ever be funnier than the ‘claims to be pro-life, dies anyway’ memes and no you can’t change my mind

Gay culture is constantly drawing on yourself

Feral kid culture was making potions out of mud and sticks and whatever you found in your yard, refusing to wear shoes and sleeping hanging off their bed

Life is short so I’ll wear loud shirts till I die

Back to school aka ‘Time to set 10 alarms’ time

Fun game: is that an auditory hallucination or a part of the song

People posting cross posting things from twitter on here... I see ur ass. Don’t think I don’t know

Fun activities to do with the whole family: roast transphobe online.......*together*

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