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U know what. bring back all 80s fashion 2k19

Unfunny comedians pull out jokes from a 12 year old on ifunny and call their act ‘uncensored’

It’s nearly valentines so remember to give ur local cryptids a smooch

Fun game: is that an auditory hallucination or a part of the song

It makes me irrationally angry when companies slap a rainbow on something and sell it to you for like 200% of the manufacturing price and be like,”We’re lgbt friendly now :)”. Especially when the company has a particularly shitty record with minority groups

Transphobes always insult how trans people look and then u see a picture of the transphobe and they look like someone hit random on the sims

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My hair literally refuses to not stick up I look like every twink anime protagonist

Booty shorts that just say ‘Ravishingly Rabid’ on the ass

I just realised i wasn’t following Reid and went through the five stages of grief

I tried to remember Gordon Ramsey’s name but every time I actively tried to remember it Todd Howard popped into my mind

ok just saw 2 dudes fucking a watermelon on gifcities time to peace out

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