You won't forget it, but it'll be numbed. You will remember it, but only enough that it allows you to laugh freely.

Breathe a little easier in that knowledge, if nothing else.

Days get better and brighter. A year back, I was so very sad on this day I thought nothing would ever feel alright again. It did though.

Hold on. Buy expensive ice cream, gobble it up, cry and hold on. Life's a delight on some days, a tragedy in others.

The WikiBros' ability to wage war on reality with a satire of solipsism masqueraded as rationality is both astounding and hilarious.

Me, holding a kitten: This is a kitten.

WikiBros: [citation needed]

We are living in abnormal times, its only logical that the continuing stress of such has taken its toll on a lot of us, with tensions running higher and people feeling less capable of niceties or assuming best intentions.

I dont have any giant wisdom but we're all here together and the timeline has a weird way of feeding back on itself for better or worse.

Just look out for each other if you can. We didn't come here to fight each other.

if you think you really exist then buddy , i have some news for you

This gunda raj of BJP is reaching a new low every single day but bhakts are still going to cast a blind and hail the party bosses as though they are some Messiah.

new years resolutions: charge my phone, eat hot chip, lie

2019 is ending, and the progress India made in the collective conscience in the last 1 month is so much more significant than all the discussion in last 5 years.

Jeena hai toh marna seekho,
Kadam kadam par ladna seekho.

I'll forget so many things which happened, but I will not forget student protests in India of 2019.

Forever in solidarity for all those who speak up against injustice.

Students of invite the people of Delhi for a cultural programme.

" Bol Ke Lab Azaad hai tere"

While Modi and Shah rule this country, I urge people to use "Modi-Shah regime" instead of "government of India". We need to cut sources of their legitimacy, including the implicit ones in our daily language.

tumhari fake news is news and humari information is banned?

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” ― Dante Alighieri

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