Chennai air is nice today and I want to take a walk on the beach :psyduck:

"2 birds with one stone" is kind of an awful saying. birbs are friends,

@melissasage I just avoid talking about them. I'm more concerned if people don't realize what's happening to the Uyghurs is wrong.

just gonna point out that declaring "the Chinese communist party is evil" is literally Steve Bannon's day job right now so perhaps, think about whose goals you're furthering before you speak

Yo, if you wanna be allies and supportive of the actions being taken in various cities around the US, consider a few things:

1) It's not just "police violence." Shut up about how you hate the police. It's about state sanctioned genocide against B L A C K people right now. Talk about your feelings and center yourself some other time. You are an ally, therefore your thoughts and your takes are irrelevant.

Stop colonizing our lives, our deaths, and our work.

idk what to say to anyone who still thinks cops can ever be a force for justice, with any amount of reform.

the only possible policy starting point for any of this is defunding the police and taking away their shiny toys, with the explicit goal of short-term total abolition of police.

Just because you experience oppression in one way doesn’t make you an expert in other oppressions.

imagine flexing your anti-blackness one week and then applauding violent Black revolution the next week as if there's no glaring contradiction between the two

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comprehensive list of civil rights achieved thru nonviolent protests:

There are apps that will help you remember to rest, breathe, and drink water. Find the ones that work for you.

accessibility, all developers read this 

You as a developer need to test and improve your applications support for assistive technologies. The simplest way to do this is to install Orca or NVDA and use your application as normal with a keyboard. If you want advice on this, please direct message me to ask me questions about improving your applications.

i'm actually mad about people concern trolling about "small businesses" downtown. modern downtown was built by the post-08 financial "recovery". if you don't know this you are either privileged and ignorant or not from here

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