In Dragon Quest V, there is a Nun called Nun of the Above, and I can't get over how this pun is perfect.

She's my master in philosophy, by the way.

Marvel: “Avengers Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history.”


1999-2019: 20 years together.

Can't really believe how lucky I am that 20 years went by and that were still so much enjoying to be together. On the other hand, Charlotte is just the best, so that was to be expected.

When you feel anxious and a little depressed but you share cheery pictures on social networks.

Merry Christmas anyways everyone!

(That woman is awesome, OTOH)

I still think that the work we did on the checkthis iOS app with was neat. I kept all my post, and I very much like them. For example:

Working with DR Congo and finally finishing Congo by David Van Reybrouck ( …) really makes me appreciate these so-called inefficient institutions we have here in Europe.

Damn, we have it good ... and they have it bad.

For example, this is a picture taken yesterday of the road between two major cities, Kinshasa and Bandundu.

Finally accepted that job in a bank to make my parents happy.

Today, in Google mysteries: more than doubled click through rates in 3 months and I have no idea why whatsoever.

Not a single change was made on my side.

Reading world news since 2016 has been really depressing. You would think that it can’t always get worse and... here comes another day :-(

Still my favourite comic cover. "Long Live Progress" by Hergé.

It really feels like a good metaphor of the programming world sometimes.

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