Show more what are some alternatives to AWS, Google cloud and other cloud platforms? Are there any open source decentralized solutions out there?

So why can I not see reddit on Firefox? It prompts me to open safari or open reddit app. Did not expect this from Reddit!

Are there any good apps that give facts about climate change? cc @Hamishcampbell I took a look at iOS App Store for “climate” and “climate facts” couldn’t find any good results. Fediverse?

I did not know until yesterday you were able to find yoghurt in the dutch supermarkets! This will make me about 99% vegan!

I am one step away from kicking google out of my life!

Has anyone gotten live reload working with golang + docker? I have tried godev, air, goreload libraries but none of them seem to rebuild the code like nodemon. Quite disappointed!

@gretathunberg amazing so many cities declaring climate emergency! Curious to know more about what this means and how to proceed from here!

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I can't seem to enable phone skins in developer tools for responsive design mode. Is this available for firefox?

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@eurasierboy would also be nice to include invites at some point (not sure if the api is exposed)

@eurasierboy Hi, great client for mastodon! Is there any way we can view other instances/networks?

Checkout Extinction Rebellion () Extinction Rebellion is an international apolitical network using non-violent direct action to persuade governments to act on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. -

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