Und gleich sogar Sendung!
RT @binaergewitter@twitter.com Jetzt dann gleich preshow!

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RT @gradle@twitter.com: New in Gradle 5.0: You can now run Gradle AND Slack at the same time 😛

Run Gradle as a low-priority process: docs.gradle.org/c/build_enviro

(recent memory optimizations help here too)

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will publish and provide it's own version of /#JRE - @hendrikEbbers@twitter.com wrote up what it is all about on @karakun@twitter.com
RT @karakun@twitter.com ⁦@hendrikEbbers⁩ wrote down his thoughts on - now available at Karakun Developer Hub karakun.github.io/java/openjdk

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RT @Senficon@twitter.com: The third Copyright trilogue is happening now. Here's my update:
New copyright negotiation documents: more words, but not more solutions juliareda.eu/2018/11/third-tri

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RT @ingoebel@twitter.com: Wir haben unser Setup für das Download Archiv bei @binaergewitter@twitter.com geändert. Sind jetzt mehrere Server im Pool. Bei Download Problemen bitte melden.

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RT @mojavelinux@twitter.com: Asciidoctor absolutely would not exist without the distributed leadership it has. No one lead could maintain this whole stack, so we rely heavily on one another for support. Just look at the issues and you'll see how much collaboration there is across the stack. twitter.com/mojavelinux/status

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RT @mojavelinux@twitter.com: I'm thankful to be part of a community () with such great leaders. There are so many to thank. I'll start by recognizing major recent contributions by @Mogztter@twitter.com, @bobbytank42@twitter.com, @obilodeau@twitter.com, @abelsromero@twitter.com, @ysb33r@twitter.com, @pvaneeckhoudt@twitter.com, @aalmiray@twitter.com, @DamienDuportal@twitter.com & @ahus1de@twitter.com.

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RT @FlorianGathmann@twitter.com: Interessanter Merz-Kontext, an den der Kollege Prantl da in der ⁦@Sz⁩ erinnert

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RT @CodeWisdom@twitter.com: "Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self." - Damian Conway 💌

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RT @henningtillmann@twitter.com: Es ist irre, wieviel Unsinn über den UN-Migrationspakt verbreitet wird. Fernab jeder Fakten. Der rechte Virus hat sich nun auch in dem Machtstreit um den CDU-Vorsitz ausgebreitet. Die CDU steht am Scheideweg.


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RT @jugsaar@twitter.com: Full house for docs-as-code with @RalfDMueller@twitter.com \o/

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RT @digiges_ch@twitter.com: «Der Kanton Genf wirft jenen, die demonstrieren, dass unsicher ist, vor, das Vertrauen in die direkte Demokratie zu untergraben. Als ob, E-Voting dadurch vertrauenswürdig wird, dass man nicht über die Unsicherheit von E-Voting spricht.» steigerlegal.ch/2018/11/20/e-v

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RT @ApacheCommunity@twitter.com: Happy birthday to Apache Groovy! 3 years as an ASF top level project! ow.ly/IZuT30mvxoz

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RT @c3daysleft@twitter.com: I'm very pleased to remind you that will take place in only 37 days!

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