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core modules 6.5.9 was just released with an important new feature that was created by a community member: image resize ☑️ by @digitalix@twitter.com youtube.com/watch?v=joXwqCc4Jl

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TIL: You can run `npm ci` in favor of `npm install` to have more reliable builds. It bypasses the package.json to install modules from a package’s lockfile (which I thought is already the case) 🥳

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Small shirt teaser - more information to follow soon.
The schedule will hopefully be public within the next 14 days.
Until then stay safe and healthy.

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If you missed last week's joint presentation by and @DSwiss@twitter.com at about and its integrated based search functionalities, here is the video of our demo.


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Congrats and thank you for providing an effective app for those doctors 🏥 ❤️ twitter.com/pavlofigol/status/

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Stuff we're currently working on:

⌚🗓️ schedule
🎙️🖥️ conference tool
👕 shirts
🐸52 days left

More details to be announced soon.

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Together with @go_chemberry@twitter.com, we developed an innovative marketing platform for products. Based on Karakun's platform, makes it easy to find chemical ingredients and to get in touch with suppliers.

Full story at bit.ly/2Nt2oi3

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Today is all about good news for fans! Coherence for iOS devices arrives along with the iOS 14 launch! 🎉

Built-in PDF & image viewer
Live photo support
Curated view for media files
Quick Look for files
UI improvements and a lot more!


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I am happy to say the @asciidoctor@twitter.com maven-plugin v2.0.0 is officially out 🚀 Available in Maven Central ! There're some breaking changes, so please check release notes and the migration guide github.com/asciidoctor/asciido

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AsciiDoc Language at Eclipse, I missed that exciting news. Congrats(?) to Dan ( @mojavelinux@twitter.com ) and Sarah ⁦( @carbonfray@twitter.com ) @asciidoctor@twitter.com⁩ projects.eclipse.org/proposals

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Absolut korrekt! Starke Worte @BizerJohann@twitter.com

Ist das auch die Strategie im ? @itzbund@twitter.com @cio_bund@twitter.com

Öffentliche Verwaltung und digitale Souveränität server-lesen.de/titel-thema/oe

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Glückwunsch an @JanAlbrecht@twitter.com zu guter und ambitionierten Digitalpolitik für Schleswig-Holstein, die schon jetzt ein Vorbild ist. Im Mittelpunkt müssen "digitale Souveränität und deswegen Open Source", nicht so sehr einzelne Hersteller stehen.

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Roadmap for 2020 and beyond:

Few highlights:
🔥 v8 iOS runtime will be made official this summer
🪲 ⏲️ More frequent patch fix releases
🕺Canvas 2d and WebGL support

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Due to the situation & for the safety of all Devoxxians, we are sad to announce that 2020 is cancelled.
We will return next year, bigger, better, & stronger than ever!
Can't wait for it to enjoy those amazing vibes as we did last year 👉 youtu.be/8XSKCee84_U

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(3) Muss zB jemand, der positiv testet, den Listenführer informieren? All diese Fragen zeigen: die Öffnung zielt auf die Hoffnung, „es wird schon gutgehen“. Es tut mir leid, aber ich halte das für unverantwortlich. Wir fordern das Virus heraus. Ein Rückfall ginge auf Kosten aller

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"Zusammensetzung der Kosten für die Entwicklung der Corona Warn App" fragdenstaat.de/a/188658

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Yesterday evening, we spent about two hours digging through the German app and I'm thoroughly impressed. This is a modern project, developed out there as free software (APL 2.0) on GitHub, and it has stellar documentation.


Let's have a look! 1/🧵

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