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half a billion Australian animals have died, the world should fucking be in mourning

if trump was smart, he'd keep pardoning murderers until he's removed from office, then jumpstart a militia off of that.

RT The best way to deal with trolls is to NOT ENGAGE.

The Twitter algorithm promotes any tweets with high engagement and that includes people piling in on a troll's tweet in defence.

It goes against our deepest instinct to back off when young people are being attacked but we must!

Christianity Today was founded by Billy Graham, the most prominent evangelical figure in modern history. It is a vehemently anti-choice, conservative publication.

The second it called for Trump's removal, the entire GOP attacked it as "far-left."


RT There’s an app for that, by which I mean a pill.

RT Trump says it’s A boy.

One of the dumbest trends is that it's annoying to say you're vegan. Say it loud and often my friends, don't let these pig eating dullards shame you

preposterous to say that he's a Russian asset tho
"He stumbles, slurs, gets confused, is easily irritated, and has trouble synthesizing information, not occasionally but with regularity," the official warns. Often, "the president can't remember what he's said or been told."

4/ Women have always known that kindness is part of our strength, and that this confounds those who think we have to choose. It’s our not-so-secret power, and it worries only those who think they’re going to stand in our way.

If billionaires are worried, they should just get a second job and try to be better at saving

I wondered whether the touching-other-people’s dæmons taboo extends to a crowd, where I would most definitely step on somebody’s cat, & was like “it’s probably the same as accidentally brushing someone’s boob”

Interviewer: How do you explain this 4 year gap on your resume?

Me: That’s when I went to Yale.

Interviewer: That’s impressive. You are hired.

Me: Thanks. I really need this Yob.

how much 40 will get you in nc is lol but still worth it of course

aim for the moon and even if you miss you might be able to hit Mars. and if you miss Mars there's several more planets after that. but if you miss those there's just nothing for like millions of miles, so, you're basically fucked and you blew it and it was a mistake. you failed

everyday i see a feral cat when i get home and no matter how much i pspspspsp he never comes. but one day u will answer my pspspsp and i will pat ur head u stupid fucken cat

all you need for a winnie the pooh costume is a red tshirt and courage

millenials b like: terrible service. 5 stars and 20% tip so this idiot can pay their bills

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