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Also today is , so you can @ me if you want me to boost your work or Patreon or whatever

If you want me to share a shoutout to a friend of yours, that's fine too!

magic_ian @magic_ian

My friend and her female co-founder (just the two of them) run a clothing partnership that only makes with . I'm sure they would also appreciate a shout-out.

@Gargron thanks for supporting & , and for all the hard work you put into @Mastodon

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@magic_ian Where are they located? I like some of their clothes and am a big fan of pockets. But I don't want to end up paying $$$ at Canadian customs.

@susannah coincidently, they are located in Canada. They do also ship internationally though too.

@magic_ian this is A+ news! I am very excited about putting things in my pockets

@susannah they have a referral rewards program you might like too: if you share with any other pocket lovers you may know, it translates to more money saved in your new pockets

You just showed me the perfect gift for both my wife and her best friend; they always complain that womenʼs clothes donʼt have pockets and we're recently thinking of doing something similar. They will be really happy. 😀
@Gargron @Mastodon

@gargron @Mastodon @magic_ian the lack of pockets on clothing marketed to women is so egregious