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getting followers and attention on here feels exactly the same as playing one of those like cookie clicker types of games. it means nothing you just like to see the number go up

i think this place will be a fun time waster every now and then

i feel like we're all lost spirits attempting to communicate via ouija board

the anonymous icon on tumblr is an example of a sunglasses crunchee

maybe i should just go on about whatever nonsense i want

missingno isn't scary and is actually the most useful glitch pokemon

i would love to be funny and make a good first impression but i'm just tired and hungry today

i have kinnies but i'm just having fun i don't really care that much

not that this place is bad i just feel like it's gonna be addicting honestly

i've only been here for like an hour and i already feel like i've wasted my entire day

there really is a lot less of like, an identity on here. you mostly just talk and all people know about you is the really basic stuff you put on your profile

this feels like a little village. does anyone understand what i mean

purplehair checkerboard fans and kinnies please leave

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@extinction @CM_chrismartin @cm_kropot No, baraag is not hosted by us. Mastodon is a server software; anyone can set up a Mastodon server. is just the "flagship" server and has no formal affiliation with any other server. Neither we the admins of nor the developers of Mastodon have ANY control over what other people do with the servers they run.

However, like you noted, baraag is on the blacklist for this server and many others, and will remain so.

i am kind of sad that the username magician was already taken here honestly

what if you woke up one day and you were a pokemon

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