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TRS-80 MC-10 Javascript Emulator Yet another javascript emulator, this time for the legendary *ahem* MC-10 microcomputer by Tandy Corp!

Purely the result of one persons sentimental journey into his childhood days of PEEK'ing and POKE'ing. Source is available on .


Stranger Things 2 and BASIC and Color BASIC | Sub-Etha Software In Stranger Things season two episode eight (“The Mind Flayer”), there is a need for them to restart a computer system. Radio Shack Bob says someone needs to know BASIC to do this. (Oh, really, writers?) This leads to a scene where Bob gets the system going by … typing in a program.


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Thanks ⁦@moimart1⁩ for the work on this 🤩 it’s a tool to check appt for Canadian passeport renewal. I am happy to see that my work have inspired others!

Outlook scans emails arriving in your inbox and sends all found URLs to Bing -

Env. 250 personnes dans la file au bureau d'Ottawa, le bureau vient d'ouvrir.

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Periodic reminder:

You can download free digital copies of The Bitcoin Standard and The Fiat Standard from Library Genesis. I don't believe intellectual property can be stolen, and I think piracy is the best marketing!

Les flécherands du Saint-Laurent Le fléché québécois est une forme de tissage aux doigts évolué, raffiné et complexe. Unique au monde, cette technique a été inventée par les Canadiens-Français dans la deuxième moitié du XVIIIe siècle et transmise de génération en génération jusqu’à nos jours. Ce livre cherche à développer chez les apprentis …


Je vais parier mon café matinal qu'il est impossible de s'en procurer un dans un délai raisonnable. Surtout, ne blaguez pas avec celui-ci aux douanes.
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Aujourd’hui pour la Fête nationale, je passerai la journée à distribuer des passeports québécois. Pour lire ce que l'on trouve à l’intérieur de ce passeport, c’est ici:

Bonne Fête nationale Québec, et vive le Québec libre …

Film : "Le fléché québécois" - Longtemps considérée comme un symbole vestimentaire des Canadiens français, la ceinture fléchée est un art québécois aujourd’hui moins visible, mais pas disparu. Pour bien illustrer à quel point le fléchage fait partie de notre patrimoine immatériel, cette vidéo retrace les origines et l’histoire du fléchage et tente d’en expliquer la symbolique.

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Got OpenOffice? Looking for something more up-to-date, with extra security and better compatibility? Check out – the more actively developed successor project:

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Miyoo Mini V2 retro gaming handheld now available at

Delivering to the UK.

Check out

OnionOS pre-installed. Free hardshell travel case!

Two storage options:

* 64GB with 5,000 classic games included
* 128GB with 17,000 classic games included

Book : Exploding The Phone - Before smartphones and iPads, before the Internet or the personal computer, a misfit group of technophiles, blind teenagers, hippies, and outlaws figured out how to hack the world's largest machine: the telephone system.

Exploding The Phone is their story.


TCI Library - The TCI Library is maintained by Telephone Collectors International, a non-profit organization, as a public service. It supports our goal of helping to preserve the history of telephony -- particularly fragile paper documents that may otherwise be lost to posterity.


The Vintage Technology Digital Archive - The VTDA purpose is to archive vintage technology, digitally. That means scanning manuals, advertising, boxes and circuit boards as well as recovering data from magnetic, optical and other forms of media. The main focus is on computing, telephony and radio, but sometimes other things catch our eye.

via - BitSavers is an extensive personal archive of retrocomputing related PDFs, magazines, software, and books - more than 143000 files including over 7 million text pages in various digital formats. The archive is curated by Al Kossow of the CHM - Computer History Museum in MountainView, California.


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