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Ça résume bien mon attitude pour les fêtes de fin d'année, face aux directives vs. gros bon sens @anarcat merci d'avoir partagé avant. capture d'écran pour partage ailleurs
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Voici l’avis de Don Sheppard, spécialiste en maladies infectieuses au CUSM, à propos des rassemblements à Noël.
Le monsieur est en beau fusil. C’est six minutes à écouter.
J'ai traduit les meilleu…

Vu sur - You generate the contract in a format following the steps below. You it to your server and send your client a link to it.

Once signed by your client, this PHP file will delete itself from your server and leave behind an HTML version of the signed contract that can be printed or downloaded as a PDF.

@kellogsus @KelloggCompany NO. If it's not broken don't fix it!

embauche :

"As an engineer at , you will work with our existing staff and community members from all over the globe. We are key contributors to open source, allowing you to show your skills to the world both on the code level and as a concrete result in improvements on the product."

* Senior Software Engineer - Full Time / Remote

* Software Engineer Full Time / Remote

[Closed] Please add support for and self-hosted instances (alternative to Gravatar) #4927 -

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Want cool LibreOffice stickers? Be a Handy Helper – assist other users on Ask LibreOffice, and we'll send you a sticker pack! It's part of the Month of LibreOffice:

Logiciels et contenus libres, éducation libre - un bel exemple : Le Collège de France met en ligne plus de 10 000 cours gratuits (et prestigieux)

Du carnet d'un collègue - "Hiring me in Québec, Canada"

tl;dr Pay the services of a Professional Employer Organization that will employ me: on paper I work for them in Canada, in reality I work for you. Not complicated and obviously legal.

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Big News! We now accept Bitcoins! Be the first to buy a poutine using bitcoins! @MagicBlob

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