Ce weekend à était magnifiques ! Beaucoup d'émotions, j'ai eu la chance de voir la ville d'une autre manière :)

This coming weekend I will be attending Assembly in Springfield, OH (USA) to learn and share more about - one of my hobbies :)


Superbe journée pluvieuse, idéale pour accueillir la MAJ de mon routeur , sans surprises.

"I do illegal stuff, while advocating Bitcoin use and providing photo proof !" Sound logic, sorry but bye.
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Based Indian restaurant owner and bitcoiner lets 30 bitcoiners dine in peace like normal humans.

Currently illegal in Quebec to have a group of more than 10 people at the same table.

Nonetheless to say, the food was delicious.

Belle journée pour faire du lavage et installer deux upgrade pour mon 3 : Triad 512K et CPU Pro-Tector+

Superbe journée pour une MAJ de 3.3.1 vers 4.0.7 et 9 -> 10 . Aussi, MAJ de doc pour installation simple de Redmine sur Debian 10.

A few weeks ago, a neighbour gave me this nice 7100 system instead of recycling it. Unfortunately I could not keep, it's in good hands though!

15 H PLUS TARD ... "La prise de rendez-vous en ligne n'est pas disponible pour le moment."

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A wild @pdfsage appeared in Mozilla Bugzilla today to voice support from Adobe in favor of the format: bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.

I'm hoping that beyond graphics authoring tools this could mean the format/standard itself… shrinking PDF filesizes for email would be 👌

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ON THIS DAY | In 1983, The sci-fi film WarGames was released, igniting a media sensation regarding the hacker sub-culture. The film’s NORAD set was the most expensive ever built at the time, costing $1 million.

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El desgarrador mensaje de la periodista Amparo Pontón desde y . "No hay albergues, ni hospital, ni casas, ni techos nuevos. No han hecho más que prometer. Nuevamente les ponemos un SOS. @SgomezSandra @IvanDuque

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