My problem is that I created three instances before I really understood and now I find it frustrating that I have different followers/following between them! Anyone know if there’s a way to collapse accounts?

Did you know that Nintendo Switch can charge off apple’s USB-C brick??

Finally an apple product and a Nintendo product that don’t make me carry around a one-off charging cable just for them. And miraculously they’re together. 😭

Spotted a man near work with a fanny pack so large that he could carry his laptop in it.

art and writing by myself and @ananthhirsh / colors by @jones

Read Chapter 3 page 1 here: 👉 👈

(or start from the beginning: )

The Stingwyrm uses its shapeshifting abilities to lure and trap individuals in order to suck out their souls.

#creaturedesign #creatures #adoptables #blackandred

Another day, another massive all-day software crisis at work. 😒 Fourth time in two weeks.

@etchlings some wider shots. Sorry abt the quality. Was using an older phone camera and it was dim inside.

Hey everyone! I'm still learning how to use Mastodon, so thanks for your patience! This is Moon Gazers, my newest piece inspired by the recent discovery that jumping spiders can see the craters on the moon.

Couldn’t quite get it in focus but tried taking a macro shot of an axolotl embryo.

@magneticcrow And then Dukat tries to get the whole cult to suicide including the baby? 😦

A face like glass by Frances Hardinge. Which is nothing like what I was expecting but then Hardinge’s books never are...

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Generations are weird. I was 18 in 2003, but my grandpa (no greats) fought in the first world war...

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