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A construction worker in San Francisco was found dead, his body hidden in the walls of a house. If not for a few futons, a Tonya Harding trading card, and a discarded fidget spinner, the perpetrator might never have been caught.

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Some Chromebooks mistakenly declared themselves end-of-life last week

When your Chromebook or Chromebox approaches its built-in expiration date, it will warn you that it's time to go buy a new device entirely. Not long after that, it will refuse to apply any further security or feature updates. In addition to leaving users vulnerable to unpatched security exploits, this means that constantly evolving services such as Gmail will eventually stop working entirely.

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If you use Firefox or Chrome, we developed an easy way you can help people bypass censorship.

Our Snowflake extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network.

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OpenSSH doesn't support international domain names :(

`ssh badtuple@$(idn2 λ.cafe)` isn't too much more to type I guess.

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7 tactics of pro-democracy #HongKong protesters

💧 be water

protests swarm to shut down one target after another

🌐 open-source protest

on the spot voting via telegram polls

📱 airdrop

after Telegram DDoS, turn to AirDrop and other P2P tools

✌️ sign language

hand signals and literal signs facilitate supply transfers

😢 🙅 neutralize tear gas

smother canisters w/ traffic cones, wet rags

🚶 avoid stampedes

1-2 1-2 chant to retreat safely

💸 crowdfunding

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when a company advertises a "machine learning" or AI approach, we should ask them

- what is the model you're using? no, I won't accept that it's proprietary info.
- what is your training set? is the data complete? no, quantity is not good enough. where are the blind spots and how have you consulted with experts in the field to correct them?
- have you received peer review? If not, there's the door. come back when you have.

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Mass shootings in 2019 in countries that play a lot of video games

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Why millions of #books entered #publicdomain?

One secret of the publishing industry is that most US books published before 1964 never extended their copyright, meaning they’re in the public domain today.

The NYPL converted the Internet Archive's digital copies of the 'Catalog of Copyright Entries' registration and copyright information into an XML format. Now we know that around 80% of all the books published from 1923 to 1964 are in the public domain.

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