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this was a thread on white appropriation of Black hairstyles, by the way, so....extremely not relevant

god i have such secondhand embarrassment now. especially since there were not one but TWO other bros in the comments who were both white & Jewish, flaunting their "well i don't care if people appropriate Jewish things, i like it, it's sharing, we're all human race is fake blah blah blah"

eat shit. you don't speak for me.

also i feel like dude must have been stoned or something because he was totally incoherent in addition to being ignorant as mud...

oh my GOD i got into a FB thread argument with a friend-of-a-friend stranger on cultural appropriation & racism (not very smart of me, i know, i finally bounced)

but holy fuck sometimes i forget that this level of white dude bullshit is even real, people like this are so far removed from my everyday life

give me professional artist figure models not fashion photo models please

okay i made myself do scribbly figure studies for like 20 minutes using that Line of Action website, those are my first drawings of 2018

this year i wanna do more practice sessions but damn i need to find ref that isn't 500 photos of skinny white women because after 3 or 4 of the exact same body type i can't bring myself to care at all

i literally have a list of things i both need & want to draw

whyyyyy am i like this

i haven't drawn anything yet this year & despite that actually only meaning it's been a few days (ha) & i very regularly go without drawing for much longer than that

my ridiculous brain has managed to build it up into some big thing & now i'm like "WHAT...will be the first drawing...of 2018....WHEN will it occur!!!!"


2017 may have been shit but the trans comics takeover continues to be fucking glorious

watching another major webcomic artist come out as trans/NB like πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ πŸ’•

regarding my stressy post last night: this morning i had a really good conversation with my mom & i feel 200x better. i'm gonna make ends meet any way i have to for the next half a year. i am not giving any more time to bullshit. i refuse to go into 2018 feeling trapped & miserable!! πŸ–•

Little Witch Academia spoilers 

Boku no Hero Who??

...(i've never seen this show but it's all over everything constantly)

(just so you know, i could not have predicted that Little Witch Academia was gonna be the show i'd ride or die for in 2017, but here we are)

we need more stories about girls who just love the shit out of every other girl around them including their supposed "rival" who they would die to protect!!! LWA is gay & i have a lot of emotions!!!

Little Witch Academia spoilers 

hey. i'm not gonna say this on the bird site but i can say it here cause this is the WILD WOOLY WEST 

okay i still have no idea what i'm doing with this account (or my .art account) it's just kind of becoming the place i go that's slightly less public than twitter. this is my mumbling room

fleeing the bird site again due to more awful shit (abuse mention) 

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