the way Egg Boy slowly raises his phone before egging that racist senator is so funny

centrists: nader is the worst person alive for giving us bush
also centrists: bush is good, actually

also apparently deaths of presidents give you an extra day off working for the postal service which also totally rules

Worst part of thanksgiving is that its too cold to wear my "thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide" t-shirt

you ever think about the white house like
"what should we do now that we've broken the shackles of monarchy"
"lets build a giant palace for our indirectly elected head of state"

republicans stole 2 governor seats (and probably countless other elections) with voter disenfranchisement and Literal Crimes but people are out protesting to "protect Mueller" so yea our countries going well

like 50% of every film and 40s is them going through the IMDB page and listing off other movies people have been in

hope i get this job cause being a mail carrier with a masters degree is too much my brand to not happen

applied for a job with the postal service and theyve got a whole electronic standardized test to see how well you can compare addresses and sort mail into routes and my body is ready

politics are bad now but nothing upsets me more than thinking about how badly reagan and onward fucked over central and south america. watching The Americans and theyre getting into nicaragua and contra shit and its infuriating to see play out. fuck this fascist hellscape

someone probably worked 100 hour weeks on horse testicle animations

watching the Americans episode about Reagan being shot and man just thinking about what a shitshow that would be today

wow immediately after this, ben makes jeff play a mario party clone so i bet he wishes he succeeded

cant believe jeff tried to kill ben with bad energy drinks on upf

Someone played my game and wrote an article about it time to die

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