"trump might get covid someone close to him has it" clickbait is the worst. just tell me hes fuckin dead or fuck off

"vote" is hope and prayers for libs. absolutely mind destroying ignorance

every time someone dies young who had a positive impact on the world instead of fucking Henry Kissinger or a hundred other old useless evil fucks I know we are truly in the worst timeline

Nothing against the rogue legacy devs but the true legacy of rogue legacy was otherwise good roguelikes being ruined by permanent progression that requires repeated losses to get further. fuck that game

trumps brother died so i assume someone used their cosmic wish to "kill trump" but was too vague

someone at work said they like reading ben shapiro but hate listening to him on podcasts and im just like yea cause when you hear his voice you cant ignore that hes a sniveling little dipshit

As bad as the constant drip of bad news is, the constant drip if minor celebrities dying relatively young that you had little to no attachment to is draining

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The internet is bad actually I don't need to see Grant Imahara died in his 40s that sucks ass dude

tfw you do a test render and then blender crashes and you lose a bunch of progress so i guess the test render is what youre getting

my hot covid conspiracy theory is the government's lax response and high proportion of nursing home deaths is part of an active strategy to counteract the wave of boomers getting into nursing home age overwhelming the system

imagine spending your time replying to big company's "We Are Looking Into These Allegations" tweets saying shit like "dont worry! im still excited for your upcoming game!"

*rob zacny voice* as you know the difference between winning and losing is measured in milliseconds

ea guy: black lives matter and we're always working to improve diversity at EA and within the games we make
ea guy: anyway heres greg miller

At least when people toiled to make cathedrals, you got a nice building out of it. Imagine working 80 hour weeks to make a 30 hour glorified interactive action movie

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