One thing I miss having in @Mastodon : a way to import toots exported from another instance. It would make migrating to a new instance actually doable. Losing old toots is not an option for some of us. What do you say. @Gargron ? Future plans, maybe ? The export tool is great, but no import is an issue 😔 Thanks.

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I am very interested on this topic and writing a Blog page on the Moving Accounts in Mastodon for today.

I understand importing an older account data into a new instance has HUGE issues (it’s all over other instances in Fedi, sync issues, mind boggling). It’s likely impossible, yes.

But to have a GUI viewer for the user’s personal data would be a Big help. I posted a question to some friends this morning, and got a pointer to an Awk script as a solution.

But we need a GUI tool, so we can read and possible copy and reuse content from the archived data as desired.

My personal archive has 7,000 toots, about 400 MB of images.

Thank you for any suggestions and for considering this request!

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It would be wonderful if Eugen took the request and got a viewer tool for us users to peruse our own data archives. Fingers crossed!

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