Hey Apple,

Saying you block trackers but not blocking Google Analytics is like saying you practice safe sex when you cut off the heads of your condoms.

A guy who makes an app that actually blocks trackers

Google Analytics is the most prevalent tracker in the world. During our last crawl, we found it on 64.2% of web sites:


Developers: every time you add Google Analytics to a site, you are helping build the global panopticon. Stop it!

@aral nice resource Aral! trying to decrease that number one site at a time with plausible.io/


@markosaric @aral Are you aware of any way to integrate Plausible with a site hosted at Adobe Portfolio? Would love that, but no code injection there makes it look like an impossible task.

@maique @aral i'm not familiar with Adobe Portfolio unfortunately but if they don't allow you to insert your own code it makes it difficult to do much

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